playing mega catch-up again...

Wow, how did yet another week just pass by?  I feel like I hardly ever had a moment to sit back and relax, and catch up with all the marvelous images and conversations going on online...I have my work cut out for me tomorrow today, I think!

I did however manage to photograph a few outfits here and there- nothing stellar, you know when it just feels like you could have tried a little harder to make it more...just more.

Anyway, I was quite happy with this one, as it's a colour combination I fell in love with while playing with polyvore in the fall, but didn't have the right elements.  The necklace is actually something I found while polyvoring (oh dear, dangerous...).  I am so loving the return of mint and pale aqua in my life, it's a perfect accompaniment to lime greens as well as the recent rust and orange combinations.
J Crew Jackie 'Breeze' cardigan, thrifted lime houndstooth pencil skirt, Topshop leaf necklace, Teal Chie Mihara shoes
Topshop leaf necklace

I wore my beloved Contemporarian dress with some greys this week (in honour of it reaching sale prices for some lucky folk)- I can't wait for summer weather, to wear it out in some warm sunshine though.
Anthropologie Contemporarian dress, cropped Bedo grey cardigan, Indigo Water Row booties
While cleaning out the closet last weekend, I came across my squiggly vintage pencil dress, unworn in some time.  I love the texture and colour of it, but have never worn it much.  It definitely requires some moxy, since it's quite fitted (though slightly stretchy) and required really good posture and tummy holding in- not a bad thing, since I'm a terrible sloucher by nature, which kinda negates the effect of nice clothing!  Um, the cats were fighting behind me through this quick photo session, that's the story. Mr. Innocent sitting next to me being the chief instigator....
Vintage Squiggle Wiggle dress, AA rust knee socks (these are great- need more of these), Steel Grey Chie Mihara oxfords

I went out shopping with a friend last week, completely firm in my resolve not to buy anything.  Well, this red linen colour-dipped Michael Kors skirt was just hanging on its own at Winners, in my size, at a nice price.  I could NOT say no.  It's a beautiful vibrant red, with a hint of orange, and the fabric is luxurious and soft. I only wish I could have worn this with some cork wedge sandals, but alas it's not quite warm enough.  I did test out mottled bare legs though!

ancient Gap cropped linen blazer, J Crew t-shirt, Michael Michael Kors linen skirt, Indigo booties


  1. Love your outfits. The contemporarian in my fav, What are you thoughts on the indigo booties. Are they comfy?

  2. Oh they are, quite comfortable. heh...I have them in 2 colours...

  3. Oh, you look so wonderful in both of these outfits, and make me want to go hunt down the Contemporarian Dress, haha. Dangerous! That topshop necklace is too fantastic!

  4. I love all of these looks! My favourite is definitely the first one, your colour combinations are outstanding. But of course, I love them all! You look amazing :)

  5. oh no! my comment erased! dang it! well it was basically gratuitous praise for a week of amazing outfits on your part!

    the first one is amazing, I love the skirt and necklace together, and those shoes are basically perfect.

    the second dress is unbelievable, it fits you perfectly and that silhouette is so ladylike and fun!

    that vintage dress is absolutely amazing on you! it goes especially well with the rust knee socks, might I add.

    the fourth, that skirt is such a wonderful pop of color, and it looks great with the dark subdued pieces and an equally as striking necklace.

    do you wear dresses/skirts basically every day? I do, but I look nowhere near as demure and pretty as you do in them!

  6. Great outfits, Sarah! I love them all. The colors in #1 are gorgeous, as is the necklace. The contemporarian dress looks like it was made for you. It really is a great print (perfect length for you too!). Your rust knee socks are perfect with your vintage dress. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  7. Wow so many fabulous outfits, Sarah! I love all of them. I actually just nabbed the contemporarian dress and plan to hunt through your posts for styling inspiration. I love the color palette of it.

  8. Well hello to you and welcome back! The week went by too fast..I wish I was still on holiday.
    Nic to see you back with lovely outfits. I love the conteporariran dress on you . I'm so glad you got it as it couldn't be any more fitting for your style. I think you look mad men esque in the vintage pencil dress. Your cats in that shot ...hehe.. They are so cute!

  9. loveit. my favorite is def the green skirt!


    I love it- what a standout piece. I have been very into jewelry lately, on the hunt for good stuff that is high quality. How does that necklace line up?

  11. i admire how you use color! the pop of green in the first shot is amazing, i barely ever see that hue of green on anyone and you really pull it off!


  12. Rust and orange, what a winning combo! Mint and pale aqua, ahh I've never tried that, but you've just prompted me to.
    Welcome to the slouchers club or Slouchers Anonoymous. I need a metal brace inserted.
    And you sure pulled off that vintage pencil dress. You def have the moxy, and more!

  13. I'm debating returning the Contemporian dress that I got on sale. Have you found a bra that works with the dress? SK

  14. The linen skirt is gorgeous!
    I really love the shape of the contemporarian dress, I'd love a few dresses shaped like that.
    Glad you like my new home!

  15. Wow, what a bevvy of outfits to feast the eyes on! I don't know where to begin. The contemporarian dress is completely your style and so looks AMAZING on you! The Topshop leaf necklace is such a statement piece that finishes off any outfit nicely. And that Michael Kors skirt is so perfect for this season, I anticipate you'll get alot of wear out of that one! Take care!

    Lisa :)

  16. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh all those cute outfit, Sarah, ahhhhhhhhh I love them all.
    I think I will go for the red skirt, though.

  17. That vintage houndstooth pencil skirt is killing me. So delicious! And I want that vintage squiggle dress, ASAP. Whatever Winners is, I want one, if I can go find a Michael Kors skirt like that. (Is it like a TJ Maxx?) The Contemporarian couldn't be more perfect on you. My eyes have now officially been fed fashion. Thank you.

  18. The last skirt is just fab, fab, fab! Love it all!

  19. I would have fallen for this skirt as well. There are excellent elements to my eye in ALL of these looks. I love the print in the third outfit. And can see that the second dress is very versatile season wise. I like it with the grey, but can imagine another color surfacing in summer. And the skirt in the first look is beautiful. I have a couple of tee shirts in the mint green, but haven't introduced it in my work wardrobe.

  20. You really rock vintage so well, it's inspiring!

  21. Thanks for the feedback folks! I must get back on track with posting and reading and corresponding...and posting a tutorial to fix the Contemporarian for good!

  22. I am so in love with that green skirt in the first look! I am loving your blog, too. Now following! Hope you'll follow back!

    Ask the Duplex


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