mid-century moderns...

This spring I was obsessed with finding a simple sleeveless pink blouse.  Etsy was not coming to the rescue- too much 80s- and I couldn't find anything in contemporary retail. I was starting to think I might have to make something myself (we're talking REAL desperation, I guess).  But then I visited an incredible local vintage shop with a friend, and there it was- a bit girlier, with a pretty, embroidered collar.  I had to remove some remarkably oversized sleeves, but I was left with a perfect little blouse with impeccable floral details.

I wore it the other day with the perfect green, perfect silk skirt- one of those holy grail items I've been seeking for a few years.  My ebay 'saved search' for this amazing Madewell skirt came to the rescue over the winter, though I don't think any of its forays into the world have been photographically documented.  (hey, so what else is new?)  I love a swishy, swirly light silk skirt, so I took a breezy stroll at lunchtime to a nearby mid-century monument, our own little touch of Mies van der Rohe in Montreal,  a sort-of mini Seagram building. 
vintage blouse, Madewell silk canyon skirt, Born wedges
While we're talking about mid-century icons...(nope, I'm not that old yet)...

vintage lace blouse, F21 geometric necklace, Anthropologie mid-century modern skirt

Wait, you didn't expect me to toddle out the ol' mid-century modern designation without bringing in the ol' mid-century modern skirt?  I guess there are different kinds of vintage- this is definitely vintage Anthropologie (um, circa 2009?).  And the ol' mustard and white lace combo, also classic.  It's really almost too easy.  But then, so is summer.  and sunshine. sigh.  bliss.