that damn green...skirt?

I am a frequent, possibly even compulsive, modifier of clothing- collars, hemlines, pleats, even the wholesale destruction of undeserving dresses can be laid at my feet.  It's so much easier to make something from an existing piece- maybe that's just 'cause I'm lazy and can't conceive of all the steps involved in starting from scratch.

That being said, I have a great collection of vintage dress patterns- I think of them as hope for the future when we run out of mid-century vintage (it's gonna happen, ladies, it scares me).  They're also kinda like tasty little candies that will pacify me temporarily when I'm jonesing for a new vintage dress.  I'm just a little hesitant to actually make that first step.  Oh, and it's really hard to find the right fabrics, damnit.

When I saw the gorgeous skirt that Steph at Anthroesque made, I thought that maybe it might make a nice 'training wheels' piece for me, so I asked her what pattern she'd used. and was totally shocked to actually find it at my fabric store, and on sale to boot!  It's McCall's 5591, for the record...

Of course, then finding the right fabric wasn't as fun as it should be. Most of the pretty fabrics were in colours I have way too much of-  I certainly lack no orange or yellow skirts (why do fabric stores have such crappy selection?), but then I found a beautiful weighty, nubby, green silk that feels like linen- this should do the trick.  yummy.

Now with aid of public shaming (um, and I guess a little 'discipline' on my part) I hope to have a lovely green skirt to debut for you in a few 'weeks' or so.  right.