winter florals, part deux

Woohoo!  My hallway is getting repainted, so no more sick yellow to try and edit around!  I just have to watch my step since the workmen don't leave any 'wet paint' signs and have been randomly and incompletely painting bits and pieces every day with slow-drying oil paint.  I guess I love a sick yellow, but not a sick beige. 

Continuing in the vein of the winter florals, this colour combination is a favourite, but was also inspired by the Lena Hoschek post.  I accidentally wandered into Zara at the end of their winter sale last week and couldn't resist a couple of great brown dresses.  A long 1930s style knit for $22 (yay) and a jumper dress that didn't fit quite right on top but I could see the skirt portion would make a perfect a-line separate.  The fabric mix is a little odd, but has nice multicoloured flecks to give the brown a rich depth. Rather than have it sit in my project pile for months, I cut the top off right away, loosely hemmed the waistband and wore it the next day!  It has a proper grosgrain ribbon trim inside now to give it shape, but didn't here. And all brought together with floral tights, because of course one always needs more prints :)