J Crew Burnt Twig cardigan, F21 tee, Anthropologie Ackee skirt, Clarks wedges
Hmmm...so I fully expected to put some rainy days to work and post some of my holiday snaps while I was away on vacation, since I was even fairly diligent in documenting what I wore.  But here I am, back after an exhausting non-drive (my job is to keep myself and therefore Mr. Driver awake) and all I have ready is today's concoction.  It was truly discombobulating to wake up in the heat and drag myself off to work this morning!

I hate it when things go together too well- a discordant note of colour just seems to enhance and intensify any combination.  However, it's not always easy to find that perfect proportion of the weird.  I'm really happy with what came together in this mornings improv session.  I wore the Ackee pencil skirt with a simple white tee- to throw in more visual interest, I grabbed a string of bright green beads and then the oddly perfect ochre green of my Jackie cardigan set them off in a fun way.  I like that the cardigan colour kinda vibrates against the red too. (and my toes are crudely painted in a bright mint green...)

I also love this spot- we ran off to get some groceries to feed our empty fridge and didn't manage to take any outfit shots until twilight.  Under the streetlamp, these 'decorative grasses' put in at great expense to prettify an overpass seemed eerily beautiful, and I love the unreal studio effect of the colours in the quick little shots we took.

Now I have a lot of blog reading to catch up on- I have been following an array of exciting fall wishlists and plan on posting some soon too, but first there's a bit more summer to revel in!