September update on Anthropologie!

I was just browsing the Fall style sets on the Effortless Anthropologie Polyvore page here and noticed the dress I saw in Roxy's preview post is now online in a September preview here.  Oh my goodness.  There is now some very stiff, more seasonal competition for the ol' Wavering grid dress!
Test Pattern Sweaterdress

Dog Rose Pullover,  available in cream and navy
Uh oh, now my fall wishlist is all out of wack again, especially because even though I have a ton of high-heeled oxfords, I'm dying for yet another pair with these Chie Mihara shoes... So, if I should suddenly come into a million dollars, I shall have these shoes and the Fendi bag.   I shall happily settle for the dress only if not!

now I can die happy...