fall dessing

So stylish Tara at little girl big closet has come up with a great contest to celebrate the best elements of dressing for autumn.  The season is so fun for colour and mixing and (swoon) layering (and celebrating the outdoors before the onset of winter and nigh-hibernation), so it's nice to see what everyone is up to!

And... um, well, a random generator picked a few posts to vote for and one of my favourite fall looks came up!  So check it out- there's some great colours, and boots, and outdoor inspirations too!

Vintage plaid dress
thrifted Sisley Blazer
Purple Via Spiga tights
Indigo Water Row boots

Precious Materials cardigan, Anthropologie
Ochre pencil skirt, J Crew
russet tank, Topshop
gray Via Spiga tights
leather high tops, Kurt Geiger


  1. Hey Sarah! Thanks for participating. I loved both your entries, but didn't vote for anybody, in the name of impartiality. However, I thought you'd be interested to know that my husband voted for you! :D

  2. Just discovered your blog this morning...Wonderful! I love that you model all the clothes that you buy - you've got such a fun fashion sense.

    And...I just have to say...I love your home too! The greens, golds, browns in that first photo are so warm and inviting.

    Happy Halloween!

  3. Thanks Tara- you have great taste in men!

    And thanks Sarsaparilla- every time I think I've changed something I realize I've just added another yellow or green thing. Can't be helped, I suppose, but I guess it makes the house consistent!

    I love your Antiqua story- especially the buttons. Oh how many time have I left a fallen on the bookshelf, seen it there for months, and then it's gone when I go to re-affix it? sigh...


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