vintage week

I've gotten distracted by the 'easy' availability and miraculous 'existence in multiples' of new clothing lately.  Since my closet's been cycled back into autumn/ winter mode, I'm remembering all the beautiful vintage dresses that don't get as much attention over the summer.  It's been a good separation though- I realise I'd gotten into a safe rut of throwing fabulous patterned shirtdresses over tights and boots, and thinking that was enough.  But it got boring- and the Anthropologie tangent has helped me think more in terms of accessorizing and mixing.

Yesterday was COLD waking up, since the landlords hadn't turned the heat on yet, so I ended up in a very warm sweaterdress that I regretted when the afternoon sun started streaming in the window.

Very Velma, I'm afraid!  But she is a fashion icon of sorts, and I do lose my glasses a lot...

(looking bashfully at my feet because I got sick of correcting for the devil-eye effect )

Today I pulled out one of my favourite plaid shirtdresses- I found it on ebay 3 years ago for $12, with the original sales tags on ( $3  or so...).  It's pretty light cotton, but I wear it year round anyway, with its cute little brass Napoleon buttons.  The colour mix of brown, teal and maroon seems to go with everything.

As an experiment, I mixed it with a favourite Sisley blazer I found in a thiftt shop a few years ago- in orange and brown tweed, with an awesome sea-green polka dot lining.  I love these together!  Threw on the orange floral scarf and I was out the door.


  1. i love BOTH of these outfits, so much!

  2. hee, thanks!!

    Don't you love those items you've had forever, that just never get tired? This blazer makes me smile every time. sigh.


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