Tristan bow sweater, thrifted; houndstooth pencil skirt, thrifted; Anne Klein knee socks, Camper Peu boots

This week has been fairly hectic (I`m sensing a pattern...) so I haven't been allowing for a couple of minutes when I get home to document stuff.  Which I usually regret, since you never remember what it was made an outfit work!!

I`ve had this 80`s era lime green houndstooth pencil skirt for a year or so, but never wore it- it was too boxy, and I always just found wearing a dress to be easier.  However the colour is delicious, and now that I am wholeheartedly embracing the idea of skirts (from pencil, to tulip) I thought I could take this out for a spin.  I really just had to take it in slightly at the hip to fit- a couple of stitches.

Something I've been looking for awhile is a black knit with a bow or tie at the neck- just never found many to choose from.  I finally found one at Value Village a few weeks back- it's a Canadian brand- Tristan and Iseut, a pretty good fit and, best of all, magically cat fur repulsing (oh what a sweet characteristic!).  So when I came across a See by ChloĆ© lime green houndstooth skirt online I thought hmmmm....oh right...!

sans star spangled cardigan


  1. Oooo, a green houndstooth! I haven't seen that before, but it really adds a youthful spin on a kind of "old lady" print (though I do love that old lady print). The black sweater with the bow just adds a sweet little touch it the outfit, too! It's awesome when you see something you like and then remember that you already own something similar to it!

  2. I know, right? They keep saying, "Shop your closet!" Well, I guess when you reach a certain point, you actually DO have a little bit of everything in there ;P

    That doesn,T stop me from thinking, "oh, that skirt is on sale for under a $100 on the Outnet- I need to buy it!"...


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