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For the last week of so, I've been consciously trying to balance the wearing of new items with some older classics.  It's kinda fun to sit down with a pen and paper and run through the things you've been thinking of trying together, then in the morning making a conscious effort to do it without just grabbing the latest acquisitions!

In this median weather, I'm also really happy with the variety of colours of slub henleys I picked up at Gap over the last few sale days- they've been layered under practically everything lately.  Nice colours, and thin enough to not feel bulky.

Gap henley, Anthropologie Kindred Spirit dress, mottled grey tights, Ash booties
These came in pretty handy with a recent sale acquisition, the Kindred Spirit sweaterdress from Anthropologie.  The neckline is pretty open on me, so an oatmeal henley made a nice layer underneath. The colour is a nice rich olive, in a soft knit, but the built-in sash definitely has to go.  I much prefer it with a leather belt, for weight and contrast.  
vintage cowboy shirt, J Crew pencil skirt, dollarama tights!, Ash booties
plus Gap honey-coloured cardigan
Another favourite recently was to try a plaid cowboy shirt with those lovely J Crew pencil skirts- I like the contrast of the casual with the dressy.  I went through a wild retrospective phase recently where I acquired a few of last year's colours through the J Crew Afficionada forum (thanks!).  This is the Cinnamon stick colour, and I also found a Fresh Plum, which is a bright purple.  I really wanted to try that one with this shirt but I haven't finished re-hemming it yet :(

Gap sweater from 2002, vintage Pierre Cardin wool skirt, horrible tight tights that will never be worn again, Camper shoes

And one more older mix- I've had this long grey Pierre Cardin wool skirt since sometime late last winter, but wasn't ready for the long skirts yet!  Also this reversible heathered knit from Gap circa 2002 is a favourite oldie-but-goodie.   The skirt has nice silver buckles on the sides, and the back is actually all pleated (perhaps to dubious results for the rear view, but I don't plan on investigating...)  Oh, and the brooch is a really fat dolphin- I'm not usually enamoured of dolphin paraphernalia, but this one was so darn...round!
Value Village dolphin pin


  1. All very cute and I adore versatile tights and booties! Love the pin :) I also have the Kindred Spirit dress and love how you layered it I'm inspired to try that. I haven't worn it for the open neckline reason as I have an XS where the neckline is perfect but the rest won't accommodate a holiday feast, and an S where the neckline is too open to stand alone in the office. Sigh. Maybe I'll keep the S and layer as you have!

  2. I'm so afraid it will stretch out though! It is a lovely dress...
    I am enjoying the layering though- I don't think I've worn layers like this since high school! For someone who has a tendency to dress sorta prim and fussy, I find it's helping to give things a more casual air.

  3. Good point I wonder if it will stretch...hah I am originally from Seattle and have been trying to get away from my causal air :) I thought, oh, finally I have a dress I can wear! It doesn't surprise me it's a more casual dress :D I like your post from today I love the emerald green dress and red cape! Holiday festive!


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