green dress roundup, holiday version!

I fancy myself safe enough to check out the green Etsy offerings these days, since I have a number of festive options for the holiday.  Let's hope it stays that way, and I can avoid the temptation to purchase any of these for myself!  Resolve weakening... 

1950s vintage india green velvet cocktail dress

1950s vintage L'Aiglon red rayon & lace cocktail dress

vintage green velvet party dress

olive green 1920s flapper dress

GiGi Young New York red and orange checkered full-skirt dress

Julie Miller California turquoise and olive square block print silk shirtdress

1950 green blue gold floating bubble dress

vintage 1950s moss green dress

1940s red rose pin-up Dress - Lora Lenox original

 vintage 50s sexy green wiggle dress

 And one should always arrive in a snuggly, seasonal cape...which I don't actually own, come to think of it...

vintage 1960s tartan reversible cape

portland leaves cape

vintage 1970's Sherlock Holmes tweed

vintage red wool Mod cape


  1. Great round-up! the green velvet party dress is to die for!

  2. And the red l'Aiglon is a nice high-class vintage alternative to the recent Compeer dress...! I wish it fit me...


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