feeling colourful...

I love brightly coloured tights- it's such a great way to add spark to a simple dress or bland colour (note to self- some simple might be a good idea.  see Garance DorĂ© today. sigh).  I ordered some bright red tights recently from Topshop and hadn't thought about what to wear them with, so when I decided to try my new-to-me J Crew cinnamon pencil skirt out today, I ended up throwing them on too this morning.  I wouldn't say that this combination is the best ever, but it was fun and I certainly never came close to being  sleepy today!
Checked shirt Liz Claiborne; J Crew jackie cardigan; J Crew Pencil skirt; Topshop red tights; Campers boots; Gap belt

In other news, I actually won this older Anthropologie skirt I've been hankering after for awhile on ebay last night for almost peanuts:  it's HAND-DRAWN PLAID!  Yes!  I just hope it's not tooooo small, since I'd love to wear it like this Toast (UK apparel site) image from the spring.  I'm certainly getting into that more loose and relaxed fifties vibe- you know, soft full skirt with crisp starched blouse.  so cool and effortless.  I think this skirt would look great with a big chunky sweater and boots too!
Anthropologie Watercolor Bow skirt, Spring 2009?
toast.co.uk, spring 2010

toast.co.uk,Spring 2010

 Hmmm...I guess this look channels the Garance photo as well!!  How long is it until spring now?


  1. i love your outfit, especially the boots!

  2. This mix of colors with the patterned shirt and cute shoes is so lovely in the most quirky way.


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