Sunday, February 7, 2016


So, while last year may have been rather up and down (and inside-out), I was fortunate in getting to go on a few rather spectacular adventures. I had the opportunity to visit Tokyo for a week in the spring.  It's been a goal for many years and we certainly used the short time available to us to the full. One of the highlights for me was hunting for vintage fabrics and clothing, and though we unfortunately timed our visit to the one time of year that all the big flea markets are closed, I did still manage to start a nice little collection of silk haori jackets. This beautiful floral piece cost me all of $8.  I think it's worth the small investment in going back for more in the near future!  (Tip 1: You can eat for practically nothing in Tokyo, so we spent our daily budget on things, lovely things.) (Tip 2: locals don't seem to value old kimonos and haoris in 70s mustards and moss tones. But guess who does!)

I love wearing these jackets informally over jeans or a simple dress. There will be more. And more on my Tokyo adventures, because of course the pleasure of a blog is getting to relive those moments!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

winter florals, part deux

Woohoo!  My hallway is getting repainted, so no more sick yellow to try and edit around!  I just have to watch my step since the workmen don't leave any 'wet paint' signs and have been randomly and incompletely painting bits and pieces every day with slow-drying oil paint.  I guess I love a sick yellow, but not a sick beige. 

Continuing in the vein of the winter florals, this colour combination is a favourite, but was also inspired by the Lena Hoschek post.  I accidentally wandered into Zara at the end of their winter sale last week and couldn't resist a couple of great brown dresses.  A long 1930s style knit for $22 (yay) and a jumper dress that didn't fit quite right on top but I could see the skirt portion would make a perfect a-line separate.  The fabric mix is a little odd, but has nice multicoloured flecks to give the brown a rich depth. Rather than have it sit in my project pile for months, I cut the top off right away, loosely hemmed the waistband and wore it the next day!  It has a proper grosgrain ribbon trim inside now to give it shape, but didn't here. And all brought together with floral tights, because of course one always needs more prints :)