Thursday, September 18, 2014

giving in... (not up!)

I've been trying to get back in to this but there's always something missing, something flat, something off. ('this'...being blogging, life, work, leisure...)  But after a couple of weeks fighting the change in seasons, desperately trying to hold onto a brief summer I never quite grasped, here we are in tights and booties.  And I love it! 

Anthropologie Nightsnow tunic, J Crew Flower bud tassel necklace, thrifted shirt, Rockport boots
The cold weather just blew in so suddenly this September- I only have one warm sweater out and a few pairs of default tights that hung out in the laundry basket through the summer.  (fact: this happens every year) Sigh. But hey- after months of tears and struggles and fears my fuzzy cat buddy seems to be doing well.  (thanks for your kind thoughts and generous support this spring!) He's eating well (and pooping great!), cuddling with me in the chill;  burying his little pink nose in my hand or chest, and then running off after the balled-up pages of J Crew's boring September catalogue that I toss for him.  (hey, if they ain't giving me inspiring colours, I don't need them!)

Colour, you say?  Sure it's brown and monochromatic print.  But oh such a rich warm nutty brown.  Reminds me of the chestnut fights we had as a kid, hiding behind aromatic piles of leaves.  (fact: it happened once, in 1981, and yet I remember it as a cherished childhood tradition.  I think someone went home crying and that was that) Okay Autumn- bring it on! (fact: I'm back!)

Sunday, August 31, 2014

mid-season mix...

Yeah, yeah, they try and tell ya summer's over.  Well, we have another month on the calendar officially, (almost) and I aim to make the most of it.  However since September also evokes a certain 'back to school' vibe, a  nod to the season is due.  So how about a mix of plaids and florals, in bold pastels and soft rust?  I thought so.  Damn, I love sunset sunshine.

I don't know how exactly, but in the last few months I've stumbled across some classic Anthropologie pieces online for amazing prices.  I found this gorgeous Decade-by-Decade skirt on Instagram for a very reasonable $30.  Sold!  Love it! I could wear it every day. And I may through the fall- it feels like a perfect transitional piece...

I'm working through my September issues looking for some inspiration- they're a little disappointing so far.  If the Chanel styling below is any indication, I'm afraid normcore has infiltrated haute-couture.  And it's not good! 

just say no.