Friday, February 26, 2016

lady in plaid

Vintage dress, Anthropologie Fanfare Platforms and belt, circa 2011
This is one of my favourite kinds of plaid shirtdresses- the range of overlapping colours in a similar family, the crisp cut (and forgiving full skirt) and endless possibilities for colour pairings. I was lucky enough to find this beautiful range of browns at a second hand store-it was not only inexpensive but it fit me off the rack!  How often does that happen? 

I usually wear this dress with more brightly coloured tights for some fun and contrast, but I am very lazy and this dark berry (which I guess you can't actually see) is the colour that I found myself clutching in the darkness early this underslept morn... It brought out some different tones in the plaid, so that was cool. Most of my hoarded shoes are also at work, so I pulled out this old pair from Anthro to take this photo.  I think I need to actually wear these again, or more often- I was surprised at how comfortable they are. I had forgotten since I`ve just been wearing whatever is at work (see above: lazy) but these are great!

I looooooooove this plaid.  Kudos to my friend Wendy (@archiverie) for alerting me to its existence online last year.  The colours are fabulous and pretty much encapsulate my colour palette (minus the mustard).  I tried to sneak a picture at work and it's a bit blurry using the timed shutter on my phone.  But isn't that fireplace fabulous?

Saturday, February 20, 2016

an ode to rust (and cos) (and vintage ankle boots with dresses)

Ack, you know I love a trompe l'oeil print.  There's also something about the mix of rusty red with a classic navy (or steel blue actually...)  This dress was a surprise find at Anthropologie's after-Christmas sale last year- must have been a return because it was like $30 down from $220! The fabric is very synthetic, but sometimes that's a nice relief after carefully hand-washing a batch of vintage dresses. And I love the lace print.

(aside- I need a new source for rust tights. I wear rust coloured tights a lot.  So I have a ton of pairs.  But tights don't last forever and I'm going to have to make some tough decisions a couple of years down the road...I'm so mad that stores don't seem to stock Hue tights in any 'hue' other than navy black and grey.  boooooring!  With the US dollar now approximately 40% higher than Canadian I'm not ordering much online (unless they're $15 damaged 50s dresses, of course, though those end up costing at least double with the exchange and shipping...sigh...)

I was thrilled to hear Cos was opening a store in my city- I've had brief pleasant visits to stores in Europe, and then popped in several times while I was in NY in September.  (I could only allow myself a pair of socks...)  Going in to visit my new store this past November, I was immediately tempted to throw out all of my maximalist wardrobe and invest in a simple capsule collection of immaculately-cut tent dresses.  Well, in my defence, their feature colours this fall were chartreuse and rust and forest green.  Enough said.  (I had a really hard time after Christmas when almost the whole store was 50% off...!) But I invested in this amazing simple navy dress- it's made of a few layers of overlapping sheer fabric that flows while you walk, in contrast to the simple shape of the whole.