Thursday, September 30, 2010

I cheated...

Yes, well, I couldn't help it...once I finished sewing all the buttons back on anthro's Perdita blouse (all but one of which fell off when I opened the package!) I couldn't help but try it with the ol' ochre pencil skirt thing led to another, and I had to wear it to work today!

Back on the no-stripes-with-yellow wagon tomorrow.

But voila, say bienvenue to the lovely Perdita!

I actually wore it with eggplant-coloured tights and my grey campers shoes, which was a gorgeous combo with the ochre.
Gee, do you think I should buy a few more of this skirt for posterity?  eeps.

The blouse is pretty well made and fairly true to size (the xs is ever so slightly big)- I love the fluttery details on the tailored stripes.  It was a bit wrinkly here though- I really should invest in a steamer!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tea and stripes!

Lately all I've wanted to put together is black and white checks or stripes with yellow.  It's getting ridiculous, since I do it unconsciously and realize later I'm wearing various permutations of the same outfit everyday!  Well, I did spend almost all of 1988 dressed in black and white, so I guess I'm consistent.

Tuesday's outfit was all thrifted- I found a nice black wool pencil skirt on an excursion Monday and let the hem down an inch (pencil skirts should never be square proportions!).  The top is an American Eagle outfitters find from a few months ago- it was originally a really harsh black and white but a lovely rich cotton, so I decided to give it a tea bath (3 or 4 tea bags in hot water, steep for awhile after removing the tea bags, and voila.  smells nice too).  It worked  perfectly!  Now it's a beautiful soft cream tone. 

I found the bow brooch on Monday too-  I adore masquerading materials, so I've wanted a textile-look brass brooch for awhile (now I just need to find one with faux tassels)!  And the bright orange silk scarf has been with me for years but never made it out before.  It was my tiny attempt to get away from coordinating stripes with yellow!

I actually dropped back in today on my way home from work to pick up a cute little red polka dot scarf I'd passed up- I realized following goldenmeans' post the other day how nicely the red dots might go with the grey field-game cardigan I'm trying to work into my wardrobe! Ah, I love the endless possibilities of thrift stores!

Friday, September 24, 2010


Oh boy, we may have something here!  All those millions of groaning shelves and unread books are finally coming in handy-  my IKEA expedit makes a great 'tripod'!  Whew.

I plan on storing my summer clothes finally this weekend, and I think the Reed shirtdresses may go away for the season.  The fabric feels a little too light and casual for me with tights- or at least a little too casual for work given my winter wardrobe. Plus my closet is FULL!   My beloved orange one will stay out though- I still have plans for it (and those lovely green shoes haven't gone out for a spin with it yet...)

Moulinette Soeurs In Tune shirtdress
ancient brown cardigan Old Navy
'Market' boots (Winners)
thrifted belt and brass necklace

I wore the black checked one today-a very country look, I'd say, on my first boot day, with a textured cardigan. Ah- I love being able to accessorize again.  Yay autumn.  On the other hand, actually, I just thrifted a nice brown silk blouse that could work underneath, to add a bit of contrasting texture to ol' checkers will get out again after all...ain't layering grand!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

chirping birds...

Well, I feel I've been rocking the autumnal dressing these days- plaids and cardigans and brooches and heels- but, unforgivably, I haven't figured out a way to document them.  I know I only ever take pictures of architecture and cats but this is getting ridiculous- the ones I have tried taking of myself with the timer I look like an angry dwarf!  The man is working the opposite schedule these days, so by the time he gets home I'm a wrinkled fur-covered lump on the couch (hmmm...attractive?)  So even though my new ochre skirt is here and I have a million ideas to try it with (oh, and I got majorly dinged by customs when the package, shipped by Canada Post, listed the contents as not being manufactured in the I now have to wear the skirt at least once a week for the next year!  not a problem, luckily...) I will be posting about the lovely distant chirping chemise, since I have actual realistic pictures (thanks manfriend!)

I forget who first posted this nightgown as a possible dress- Roxy, or the British anthropologi(est)- (it was Roxy!) but I put it on my wishlist immediately.  The pattern totally reminded me of a fifties paint-by-number, and I love white dresses over dark tights (though probably not black as I am here).  I just looked for awhile, not acting on it, then panicked when I saw that they were sold out online (not that I will really order from the US site anyway)!  Jess too had just posted her take and it was so cute I'm sure anyone left zipped over to the website and cleared them out.

I called the store in Toronto, which I hate doing since I always want to ask them about a zillion items they never have.  Well, they had the chemise (nothing else) and I got it!

I'm impressed by the quality- instead of a straight white cotton, it actually has sort of nubbly stripes through it.  Nice weight.  It's still a bit short, but I think I can add a chiffon hem in white, somewhat like the flutter at the neckline.  I immediately thought of a pale mauve cardigan I found at Beacon's Closet on my last visit to NY (found an orange Missoni cardigan that's just been waiting for fall too...)- it's the perfect shade.  Fun, and will look good with blue or rust as well!  It's size small so rather big on top, but easily fixable.  The belt is thrifted, and the booties are my fave campers Peu.

Now my co-worker wants one, so if anyone sees another small out there, let me know!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

ochre addict!

I have, of course, been craving the J. Crew ochre pencil skirt that seems to be following me around everywhere lately.  It's on everyone online, it jumps out at me in magazines, and a J Crew catalogue even comes to my door, trying to lure me in...

So the actual skirt came to my door today, and newbie jcrew orderer that I am, it is too big!  I could ship it back on my own dime, but I think I'll see if I can just return it when I'm in NY next month-ish.  So I ordered the next size down and shall wait another 2 weeks, though thankfully not entirely ochreless.  I fell in love with one of the crewcuts cardigans in 'burnt twig' (still ochre in my book) and it's gorgeous!  The Zipetto comes in a few other colours, and the size 12 is a pretty good adult XS (they only have black in size 14 online).  I never thought I would want a zip-up cardigan, but the colour and the aged brass zipper look great together! (er, and meet my oversized six-toed fur depository, Ghibli)

I must have been already predisposed to love zippers this fall, because I am also seriously falling in love with the D'Armee dress at Anthropologie, thanks to a couple of online reviews here and here.  I`m not sure about some of the features for the price (the sleeves are a different fabric) so I may investigate making what I IMAGINE the dress is actually like (which is the problem with online shopping!).  I certainly have enough dress patterns to work from, I just need to find the right sort of fabric...  which is hard... It`s partly why I haven`t made much from my vintage pattern collection.  Most of the patterns have built up as a substitute for buying too many dresses- I actually just buy potential dresses, with really cute vintage illustrations!  It`s cheaper and could be creative...someday!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

damn green dresses!

Ha!  So the unfortunate side effect of scouring the web for green dresses is, um, finding some to buy.  Erg.  However I have been very frugal and my two recent ebay purchases are really quite reasonable.  I just have to sit back and wait now.  It seems like I've been waiting a lot lately- not sure what the slowdown is- but I think I won't be able to stop buying until SOMETHING arrives in the mail.  Not a good a strategy, methinks.

I've been looking for cheongsam dresses in non-satin fabrics forever- well, mainly since Maggie Cheung's incredible collection from In The Mood for Love*.  I love the idea of an everyday fabric in that style- cotton, or seersucker, or suiting...I bought a little stash from a seller in the spring ( I love getting several articles of clothing cut for one person!), but I haven't actually gotten around to tailoring them yet (asian body type= wider on top with tiny hips, versus watered-down nordic body type= small on top and "sturdy" hips!).  When I came across this green tweed wool cheongsam, well, I was sooooo sold!

And I have been interested in the Sky Bridge dress from Anthropologie for a little while.  By the time I found out about it, though, it was in markdown online with my size long gone.  It seems there's been a flurry of deep discounting lately, because a bunch have turned up online in the $40 range.  Warning to purists: I fully intend to attempt to unbubble the skirt hem (whilst keeping as much of the trim as I can!) We shall, I mean, if I ever get around to putting photos online!

*  Footnote: if you can't get enough of Mad Men via Shanghai and Hong Kong, check out Wong Kar Wai's submission for the film Eros.  His is by far the best- a gorgeous story about a love-struck tailor and Gong Li...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

green dresses

I realize I am woefully inadequate at keeping track of my obsessions.  Here I am, ostensibly all about the green dresses, and yet...nuthin'.  Having recently realized just how rare a good green dress is, I thought I'd do a round-up of what's out there.  Turns out part of the problem with green dresses is it's so hard to accurately capture the colour in a, but yes, the last dress is a golden yellow, thoughI loooooove it so, and as you can see my greens tend toward the acid anyway. Fortunately some of these are out of my size, and some out of my price range!

Check out the lovely shoes- they're from the same Etsy seller as the first image, and actually more coffee coloured, but gorgeous together, I'd say! 

I actually read an article recently about how difficult a colour green is to manufacture, even since the poisonous fabrics of the 19th century, and indeed that any "green" publications using the colour green in print just aren't, since all industrial uses are rather toxic!  Hmm.

Oh, and I wore a gorgeous 'eames print' green fifties dress the other day, but as per usual haven't accomplished any picture-taking yet.  sigh.

Warning: this dress is:
a: stunning
b: has the longest descriptive title ever
c: is terrifically dear ($$)
d: all of the above
In the Mood for Love, anyone?
Maybe not in the mood for love, but love it
From the closet of Zooey Deschanel?

(hums song, the falling leaves... how seasonal)