Monday, November 25, 2013


Anthropologie sun-glint chambray, JC Jackie cardigan, JC Sterling skirt, thrifted booties
I'm just a-hopin' that this collar/jewelled/bib necklace sparkly craze endures awhile longer.  It's a bit overdone, for sure (why can't retailers use a little restraint with a fun fad, instead of suddenly bedazzling everything in store? sigh) but it's such a nice dressy everyday bit of fun. I of course adore this top- chambray, peter pan collar AND silvery sparkles.  delightful.  It's a very nicely done piece too- I have no fear of the beads falling off (and the sale price of 29.95 is rather pleasing too...) I also love a good slightly off-primary mix of colours...

The other great thing about embellished pieces is if you can entertain while coming and going!  This awesome snuggly sweater has a great openwork crochet detail on the back.  Love.  So a sparkly leaf bib necklace to dress up my Downton tweeds and browns, and a little something special to improve the back view :)

Aida cowlneck, thrifted tweed skirt, Topshop leaf bib, Chie Mihara oxfords

I've found some of my lost stash of brown tights- alas, what was once a plentiful hoard has diminished.  Since it's pretty easy to score great brighly-coloured tights these days (Hue and Joe Fresh), I need to work on finding some great browns.  They may not photograph well in this ghastly fluorescently-lit hallway, but they complement all the colours in my personal rainbow. 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

when all else fails...go classic!

Blergh.  I just can't keep up with life anymore!  I am seriously wishing that this classic Onion headline was a real option.  It's not like my life is so insanely busy or full of dizzyingly fun activities- I just can't seem to complete anything! Oh, except I'm almost done reading a real live book (been bad with that lately, despite vowing to mend my ways...) Anyway, somehow it's the weekend again (how is it possible that the work week can seem so long, and yet pass so quickly you feel nothing was accomplished...).  I went easy on myself this morning with an old friend, the d'Armee dress.  So good- you really can't go wrong. And an updo. Actually, that can go wrong... I was rather fine all day, until I realized the grocery store was closing soon and I needed to pick up a bottle of wine. Nothing like running to the cash with booze in hand as your hair falls down, hairpins askew. Classy.

Anthropologie d'Armee dress, UO belt, Joe Fresh berry tights, thrifted booties

Thursday, November 7, 2013

nice knits...

Ooh, it's STILL that time of year!  Colourful leaves are still clinging to the trees and I haven't seen any snow...yet. Snuggly knits are very high on my obsession list. Out and about on weekends, it's pure pleasure to throw on some fun patterns and textures.  I've even started knitting again, after enduring the lengthy and error-filled process of knitting the above lace pattern scarf.

Anthropologie Tasseled Jacquard cardigan, AG Stevie cords, thrifted ankle boots, laboriously-knit lace shawl
There's a deluxe knitting shop down the street from my home.  Oops.  Full of temptations of the ochre, chartreuse and pumpkin-shaded sort!

Shoot.  and then I walked into my Anthro store today to breathe in the heady scent of beauty (and make a return) and found this gorgeous fair isle knit dress hiding out on a rack.  I'm ashamed to say I didn't even try it on- it came home with me immediately. I've been waiting for this dress to come along for years.  eeps.  I may need to stop leaving the house...just sit back and knit!

mystery Sparrow sweater dress