Saturday, April 30, 2011

playing mega catch-up again...

Wow, how did yet another week just pass by?  I feel like I hardly ever had a moment to sit back and relax, and catch up with all the marvelous images and conversations going on online...I have my work cut out for me tomorrow today, I think!

I did however manage to photograph a few outfits here and there- nothing stellar, you know when it just feels like you could have tried a little harder to make it more...just more.

Anyway, I was quite happy with this one, as it's a colour combination I fell in love with while playing with polyvore in the fall, but didn't have the right elements.  The necklace is actually something I found while polyvoring (oh dear, dangerous...).  I am so loving the return of mint and pale aqua in my life, it's a perfect accompaniment to lime greens as well as the recent rust and orange combinations.
J Crew Jackie 'Breeze' cardigan, thrifted lime houndstooth pencil skirt, Topshop leaf necklace, Teal Chie Mihara shoes
Topshop leaf necklace

I wore my beloved Contemporarian dress with some greys this week (in honour of it reaching sale prices for some lucky folk)- I can't wait for summer weather, to wear it out in some warm sunshine though.
Anthropologie Contemporarian dress, cropped Bedo grey cardigan, Indigo Water Row booties
While cleaning out the closet last weekend, I came across my squiggly vintage pencil dress, unworn in some time.  I love the texture and colour of it, but have never worn it much.  It definitely requires some moxy, since it's quite fitted (though slightly stretchy) and required really good posture and tummy holding in- not a bad thing, since I'm a terrible sloucher by nature, which kinda negates the effect of nice clothing!  Um, the cats were fighting behind me through this quick photo session, that's the story. Mr. Innocent sitting next to me being the chief instigator....
Vintage Squiggle Wiggle dress, AA rust knee socks (these are great- need more of these), Steel Grey Chie Mihara oxfords

I went out shopping with a friend last week, completely firm in my resolve not to buy anything.  Well, this red linen colour-dipped Michael Kors skirt was just hanging on its own at Winners, in my size, at a nice price.  I could NOT say no.  It's a beautiful vibrant red, with a hint of orange, and the fabric is luxurious and soft. I only wish I could have worn this with some cork wedge sandals, but alas it's not quite warm enough.  I did test out mottled bare legs though!

ancient Gap cropped linen blazer, J Crew t-shirt, Michael Michael Kors linen skirt, Indigo booties

Saturday, April 23, 2011

spring fling!

Okay, it's still dark and dull outside, and yes, there may have been a brief snow squall the other day (complete white-out for about 30 minutes) but it's spring, ladies, finally!  So today I've been pulling out all the wools and heavy fabrics and switching them out for my summer clothing.  A plethora of all-season materials just stay where they are.  Oh, it has been exciting to pull out those summery dresses and skirts, and steam some of the wrinkles out of my favourites (licorice lanes skirt: hello, unworn green 50's chevron dress: HELLO, I forgot about you!).  This is going to be fun.  someday soon, I swear.

So a couple weeks back, LDMOMMA left a comment noting that I'd purchased the Amhara skirt and was wondering how I was going to style it.  Y'know, I hadn't really thought about it- I have a long-time addiction to pouffy patterned knee-length skirts that I just wear with simple t-shirts and tanks in the summer.  I didn't even intend on wearing it to work.  However I started thinking about it, and it's true that the styling in the catalogue shot is dressy enough to work for a multitude of places, and the floral waistband with the stripes opens up a lot of styling possibilities.

I played with a bunch of options on polyvore- I think this skirt might dress up nicely with any number of funky patterned blouses, from florals to lace to stripes (of course).  I tend to prefer structured tops for my small frame, but I might be willing to try a wee bit of billowy this year...we'll see...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Oh, I bet you noticed right away…yup, I finally found my glasses, missing since mid-January.  I dropped them onto the bookcase next to the bed in the darkness, and by the next morning, they were gone.

Where did I find them, you ask?  Exactly where I thought they’d be, behind the bookcase.  I’ve looked there several times in the months since, perplexed, finding nothing.  Last night, frustrated, I grabbed a flashlight and looked under the bed, behind the bed, between the mattresses…then finally shone the light behind the bookcase and there, wedged in the back, was the telltale pink and black.  Don`t ask me where they`ve been- I remember reading The Elegant Universe years ago and there was some elegant passage about baby universes blinking in and out of existence, fed by the power of entropy.  Well, if there's one place on this planet where the force of entropy be strong, my decrepit apartment is a locus for it. 

What a relief- I feel MUCH more myself now. 
Gap chambray tuxedo shirt, Anthropologie Mimetic skirt, black bead cluster necklace, Indigo Water row boots
I bought this chambray tuxedo shirt on super sale at Gap over the Christmas holidays and congratulated myself for having anticipated the sure need for one this spring.  Unfortunately the XS is so XL in this shirt that I swear I take it in another inch or so everytime I wear it and it's still a shapeless mass (I think I have it pulled back a bit here even).  Sigh- I may have to just look for one that I actually feel good in.  It's a shame, really, since the ruffles are well done, and it's a nice soft fabric... maybe if I just take it in a little bit more...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

F21 confessional

I resisted the whole Forever 21 thing for awhile- I mean, I've wasted so much in the past on cheap basics at these kinds of stores.  Yes, there were the occasional classic finds, but so much just useless stuff too.  You buy it because it's a neat pattern and cheap, but then never wear it.

Well, having pledged to be more careful about my wardrobe, where do I find myself recently but haunting the ol' 3-storey F21 that just opened downtown (and the smaller store that opened a year or so ago down the way).  I still think I'm more careful about what I'll buy, but dang it there be some pretties.  I am also addicted to their inexpensive silk tanks!

Last week I committed the ultimate crime by purchasing a striped romper (oh dear, oh my) with the intention of turning it into a sweet little blouse.  However, unlike in the past, I HAVE already accomplished said plan so I don't feel so guilty!  When I went in yesterday to return one of the sizes (wasn't sure which would work best) I found just the prettiest little white lace dress, with a peach-sorbet trim.  It's so gorgeous I had to share- I mean, for $35, it's well-made (the lace feels cottony rather than polyester, while the trim feels like a soft hammered silk) and fits rather nicely (and knee-length! with the sorbet underlayer all the way through!) and the pictures just don't do it justice!  I can't wait for some summer...won't this be cute with some bright orange or mint accents?

 Lace overlay dress, F21 US and Canada- this is an XS, fits true

As for said romper-become-blouse, I haven't figured out the best way to wear it yet.  I was enamoured of the large peter pan collar, and the drape of the fabric (um, and the navy stripes...and the brass buttons up the back) I think it may work best with skirts really, as a tucked in option.

Striped Romper, available F21 US and Canada,  wearing a small (no xs made)

oh dear, and while we're confessing, a few other spring items I was unable to resist over the last while:
The 'Kate Spade' dress
scalloped orange skirt?  'nuff said

Prada-y striped tank
 I do promise to stay away now- I haven't even switched my closet over to spring clothing yet!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

chic chie...

While I was out doing the sad, short shopping tour of downtown last week, I popped into the renovated Browns store to look at a little shoe porn.  Sure enough, the store is now very glossy and styly and some stunning Chie Mihara shoes were displayed near the window (an exclusive colour to the store?).  I hadn't seen these puppies before- admittedly a difficult, not to mention expensive, colourful shoe.  I gleefully shoved my foot into the tiny display model (no sense getting too comfortable...) and loved the contrast with the beloved Icon Trench.

But since we be frugal colour-addicts, here's my Value Village silk scarf compromise (until uh maybe this difficult shade goes wayyyyy on sale.  If you're desperate and have $400 to blow, you can get 'em here!)
J Crew cardigan and t-shirt, UO skirt and belt, Kurt Geiger hi-tops, thrifted silk scarf
I kinda felt bad (and pleased) today, as a woman stopped me in the metro station to ask where I found my trench coat.  She said she'd been looking for the perfect one forever and was pretty darn sad there was no J Crew around town...

(Aw...manfriend just came home and said I looked like I should be cooking dinner in a house on chicken legs- he knows how to go straight to my heart!  Good old Baba Yaga!)
Ivan Bilibin, Baba Yaga illustration 1900

Monday, April 11, 2011

the longest...

I've definitely bitten on the long skirt thing- it feels totally glam and natural to me now to have a skirt swishing an inch or two below the knee.  That being said, I have a hard time going all the way.  I have had maxi skirts in the past- it makes for a nice columnar silhouette.  I think all of my stylings are more Victorian librarian than free boho hippy, however!  There have never been any maxi dresses in my life- a pretty one from Old Navy several years ago, but it went back right away.  Maybe this year?

I have had this ankle-length red and black checked skirt from Urban Outfitters forever- I'm tempted to say about 10 years, though it could even be more!  It comes out for a ride several times a year, however the sad thing is, this baby is only, only ever worn with black, maybe with a touch of red. I just never know what to do with Black and Red together.  At least I can get past that colour block for some pattern play, anyway!

In summer, my neighbourhood is all leafy and green.  Not yet, it appears- everything is still rather post-apocalyptic and grey at the moment!

Check out everybody everywearing maxi lengths here, or submit your own!
Maxi Skirt/Dress | Everybody, Everywear

THE spring coat!

I've been wearing a brown satin-y trench coat for the last 4 springs and was getting a little tired, y'know?

I absolutely fell in love with the 'burnt caramel' version of J Crew's Icon trench in the fall:

Classic trench in deluxe fabric with a unique colour...all I needed was to actually find it available in my size on the website, at a sale price.  nada.  The small sizes in coats are always the first to sell out, especially since I find most coats are oversized anyway.  I hate those that are too big in the shoulders and too long in the sleeve.  Ugh. Periodically I'd type it into a search on the website, but it was always sold out, or popbacks would be in larger sizes.  um, but then one day a few weeks ago, there it sole size 0, burnt caramel colour, on sale.

I went through the shopping cart process faster than ever before, let me tell you!  It arrived a couple of days later, packed in a large box, lovingly wrapped in plastic on a hanger, ready to go.  The fit was perfect.  The weather took a turn for the warmer, and I packed away the winter coat!  Spring has arrived, ladies, and I look forward to many, many more with this lovely classic.

Just for a change of scenery, I tried taking a couple of pictures in the changing room at F21 (nothing too exciting to report, though I am guilty of purchasing a striped romper, with peter pan collar and brass back buttons, to turn into a blouse!)
J Crew Burnt Caramel Icon trench

vintage 70's polyester floral dress, navy J Crew jackie cardigan, Indigo boots, thrifted leather purse ($5!)
 This is an old favourite polyester dress- it has saved me on many the morning!  Though I was also wearing it when I had a nasty fall on the ice a few years back, though certainly not its fault (oh, and you know you're in bad shape when elderly ladies with walkers have to ask you if you'll be all right...I can still feel it in my tailbone!  ouch!)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

catching up- stalking etsy

Oh my, folks, I have not been very inventive lately (and in fact...true confession...I wore jeans and a blazer to work yesterday AND today.  I've, um, never done that before!)  I keep not quite managing to document my clothes before collapsing onto the couch, even when I'm happy with 'em!  heh, so, well, this is from last week sometime.  I finally received a replacement 'striped button-back t-shirt' from J Crew after the disastrous order in January.  I also treated myself to the 'camp pocket' cardigan at the same time, in this spring's gorgeous 'smouldering brick' colour.  It's a nice thin clingy knit, and the silk pockets are just dreamy!

With all those birthday 'wishes' purchased in March I'm holding back a bit for April (which means avoiding online temptations like the EA board and any Crew sales).  However I have been unhealthily obsessed with Anthropologie's Back Porch blouse so far this spring.

I liked it, and wishlisted it, and then saw it in a store styling post chez Roxy.  It looks so gorgeous layered over stripes! (J Crew t-shirt, I'm thinking of you...)

And then Kristin at Lovely Apidae went and reminded me how great it looks in real life, layered over yellow, while S at Delightful Find paired it with my other current obsession, the Ackee pencil skirt. I was utterly smitten (smoted, smot...).

Well, I have been stalking Etsy like a mo'fo for about 3 weeks now.  FINALLY I found what I was looking for tonight  I knew that the Back Porch blouse, beautiful as it looks online, would probably disappoint since I'm not so sure about the puffy sleeves for me and considering the cost, but since it recalls a vintage look I knew I had to be able to find one on Etsy.  Well, it took awhile (3 weeks is an eternity when you're craving something!) but this is definitely the one.  I can't wait til it arrives!  A part of me is still going to hanker after the Ur blouse (heh...maybe if it goes to sale).  In the meantime, I am one happy gal (hmmmm...maybe I can afford the Ackee skirt now...)

How do you manage your cravings- is it one thing at a time?   How do you make that distinction between loving from afar and needing in your life?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Some very sweet and stylish ladies have passed along the versatile blogger award, thanks Gabby and Jess and Minnesota Maven!! It's a nice idea to post some new blog finds and get to know people.  I'm usually pretty skittish and shy about passing things along, but I think maybe it's a good opportunity to give a shout-out to some 7 of my favourite vintage 'suppliers' that supplement my anthropologie 'collecting.'

I am also to open up and let you know 7 things about myself...eeps. uh, y'all know my favourite colour and all but...

- I adore mixing salty and sweet, so pickles and sweet tea make a yummy treat

-I happened to visit Expo 88 in Australia on Canada day and won a Canada. This was quickly altered to a trip BACK to Australia but I never got to take it.  Hey Quantas, how about for the 25th anniversary?

-My dear manfriend and I have been together for 18 years...which makes me older than I feel!

-I could probably wear a different dress/skirt every day of the year without buying anything new (not that I could try...) and not that that's a surprise to anyone!

-I have a purple birthmark on my left eye, like a splash of paint, that will eventually appear in some photo here.  I usually forget it's there but I feel like it's part of me and couldn't imagine trying to have it removed (as sweet little old ladies and rude men are wont to suggest).

- I grew up without a tv and became a voracious speed reader, finishing an average novel in an hour (I can't actually savour books I like, I just have to reread them several times! Which I do...)

-My career goal as a teenager was to become a hermit, just writing and reading all day in the woods a la Thoreau.  I think you have to achieve a certain financial freedom first though...

I think amongst the Anthropologie fans out there we know each other pretty well, and I think the versatile blogger award has turned me on to some others!  I thought I should also reveal some of my favourite vintage Etsy sellers, who also have blogs featuring their personal style and shop updates- this is usually where I found them first!  They have some incredible finds-

and a couple of just awesome stylish inspirations (I was never very good at math...)

Thanks guys!

Friday, April 1, 2011

grey, grey, grey, orange, grey....

I needed another dose of colour today- everything is soooo grey and dark and colourless right now (though a little bit of rain added a nice atmospheric mood to it all).  I reached into the closet today and what came out in my hands was the orange Reed shirtdress- so be it!  I'd wanted to try it out with a grey floral cardigan for awhile, since my current outdoor wear is a grey coat with orange floral scarf!

Anthropologie Moulinette Soeurs' Reed shirtdress, Joe Fresh floral cardigan, black cloth belt, Aldo shoes.
I'd forgotten just how unfortunately short the dress is- I need much more cropped cardigans or much longer to fit the silhouette! Moulinette Soeurs improved the length on the plaid versions, but the orange is still my first beloved- if only the proportions were just a little better! (oh my, what I went through to find this last year!)

Anyway, the blast of colour was noted by several colleagues in the dull concrete modernism I inhabit weekdays!

Um, then I broke my 'sorta shopping ban' to go to Value Village and found just the right black A-line skirt I've been looking for forever (having purchased far too many 'fails' that I thought I would tailor  to the right cut), a bright yellow pencil skirt, and an adorable vintage bracelet watch (that I may just wear, since I can't even feel it on...).  Ah, and I finally found a sage/mint-ish t-shirt too! and a tan striped shirt, because I'm sure I need it...that's all of 20$ of happiness right there ;)