Friday, November 26, 2010

crossing 'em off the list

For the last week of so, I've been consciously trying to balance the wearing of new items with some older classics.  It's kinda fun to sit down with a pen and paper and run through the things you've been thinking of trying together, then in the morning making a conscious effort to do it without just grabbing the latest acquisitions!

In this median weather, I'm also really happy with the variety of colours of slub henleys I picked up at Gap over the last few sale days- they've been layered under practically everything lately.  Nice colours, and thin enough to not feel bulky.

Gap henley, Anthropologie Kindred Spirit dress, mottled grey tights, Ash booties
These came in pretty handy with a recent sale acquisition, the Kindred Spirit sweaterdress from Anthropologie.  The neckline is pretty open on me, so an oatmeal henley made a nice layer underneath. The colour is a nice rich olive, in a soft knit, but the built-in sash definitely has to go.  I much prefer it with a leather belt, for weight and contrast.  
vintage cowboy shirt, J Crew pencil skirt, dollarama tights!, Ash booties
plus Gap honey-coloured cardigan
Another favourite recently was to try a plaid cowboy shirt with those lovely J Crew pencil skirts- I like the contrast of the casual with the dressy.  I went through a wild retrospective phase recently where I acquired a few of last year's colours through the J Crew Afficionada forum (thanks!).  This is the Cinnamon stick colour, and I also found a Fresh Plum, which is a bright purple.  I really wanted to try that one with this shirt but I haven't finished re-hemming it yet :(

Gap sweater from 2002, vintage Pierre Cardin wool skirt, horrible tight tights that will never be worn again, Camper shoes

And one more older mix- I've had this long grey Pierre Cardin wool skirt since sometime late last winter, but wasn't ready for the long skirts yet!  Also this reversible heathered knit from Gap circa 2002 is a favourite oldie-but-goodie.   The skirt has nice silver buckles on the sides, and the back is actually all pleated (perhaps to dubious results for the rear view, but I don't plan on investigating...)  Oh, and the brooch is a really fat dolphin- I'm not usually enamoured of dolphin paraphernalia, but this one was so darn...round!
Value Village dolphin pin

Monday, November 22, 2010


I've been busy trying to re-establish normalcy this past weekend, since I've been away or otherwise busy the last while.  My clothes were starting to pool on the floor again, so I had a go at tidying the wardrobe.  For the amount of clothing I have, my storage resources are pretty limited.  The closet is small and dark, so I've discovered the best strategy for me is to have everything but the dresses folded away in a glass-doored wardrobe from IKEA.  I seem to be able to fit an enormous amount of textiles in that thing, and for a slob I'm not bad at keeping it tidy (inside at least!).  And the bonus is that all those patterns and colours and textures are instantly visible, which comes in pretty handy when you have 5 minutes to get dressed in the morning!

What sucks, however, is when you CAN'T find something- like black sweater-vests are the worst, even though I try and segregate them for that very reason!  A couple of weeks ago, I bought a cute khaki cardigan from Urban Outfitters.  It was a bit big, so I thought I'd keep it in the bag, stuffed it in with some sweaters, to check out the UO in NY while I was there.  I found the size down a little too snug, but now I can't find the damn thing at all!  This weekend I tidied the cabinet (getting rid of a bunch of pants in the process, since I never wear 'em!) and still didn't come across it!  Oh, for the ability to pop back in time and see where it went!  It's driving me nuts.

I've been so focused on the dresses these last few years that I hardly have any casual clothing, so I've been "working" on that.  I love the drape of this sweater, and the soft grey/olive tone- it's open without being shapeless.  nice.  wherever it is.

skirts, cardigans, button-ups and tees, with the doors open!
And of course I can't link to the actual page, because the website won't load to residents of Quebec...something like Biker Slub Cardigan...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Inspired by Toast

So when I went back to the Toast website yesterday, I looked at their catalogue for the first time since this spring ( I signed up for their catalogue hoping I'd get a printed one, but no deal).  It's mostly out of my price and/or style range, but I love their lookbooks (and the site includes videos of the item in action)!  I'd say it's kind of a cross between Anthropologie (more $$ but better quality) and Emersonmade (drools).  Anyway, I came across this skirt:

which reminded me of a long vintage wool skirt that I`ve been meaning to wear.  It's such a no-no for my height and shape, but I really love this look right now. I seem to have picked up a couple in the last year or so but am just now getting into the wearing of them.  The recent addition of heels to my wardrobe may have been the catalyst / requirement! 
Vintage wool circle skirt, J Crew Jackie cardigan and t-shirt, Camper shoes, dollarama tights (!), miffed cat

mid-twirl, cat leaves the scene
And it must be fate, since the Feathered Perch skirt at Anthropologie went on sale today too...I've been on such an exclusively vintage kick for the last few years- I think I'm experiencing some sort of collective/uniqueness phenomenon now, where suddenly the prospect of multiple copies of something is as enticing as the one-of-a-kind element (assuming that the online image is some sort of Platonic ideal, I guess...oh god, I think it is...!)

Monday, November 15, 2010

feeling colourful...

I love brightly coloured tights- it's such a great way to add spark to a simple dress or bland colour (note to self- some simple might be a good idea.  see Garance Doré today. sigh).  I ordered some bright red tights recently from Topshop and hadn't thought about what to wear them with, so when I decided to try my new-to-me J Crew cinnamon pencil skirt out today, I ended up throwing them on too this morning.  I wouldn't say that this combination is the best ever, but it was fun and I certainly never came close to being  sleepy today!
Checked shirt Liz Claiborne; J Crew jackie cardigan; J Crew Pencil skirt; Topshop red tights; Campers boots; Gap belt

In other news, I actually won this older Anthropologie skirt I've been hankering after for awhile on ebay last night for almost peanuts:  it's HAND-DRAWN PLAID!  Yes!  I just hope it's not tooooo small, since I'd love to wear it like this Toast (UK apparel site) image from the spring.  I'm certainly getting into that more loose and relaxed fifties vibe- you know, soft full skirt with crisp starched blouse.  so cool and effortless.  I think this skirt would look great with a big chunky sweater and boots too!
Anthropologie Watercolor Bow skirt, Spring 2009?, spring 2010,Spring 2010

 Hmmm...I guess this look channels the Garance photo as well!!  How long is it until spring now?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

costume pics!

Rapunzel costume: braided wool hairpiece, swinging sixties velvet minidress, silk sari pants with applied lace cuff, damask-style socks, Camper shoes

So it's taken me awhile to get back to these photos.  This past weekend was a wild trip to NY for the art book fair.  The fair is in it's fifth year, held at P.S.1 in Queens, and is a pretty awesome way to spend a weekend, meeting artists and art book publishers and checking out some beautiful publications (oh, and there were some antiquarian dealers as well...that Sol Lewitt cube book will be mine someday!)

I did manage to squeeze in a tiny bit of shopping here and there.  Note to self- 20 minutes allotted to the Anthropologie sale room is somewhat less than satisfactory-  must find another way to balance travel with the man friend and shopping requirements!  I did pick up the polka-dot culmination blouse and found a field scout skirt nestled in the corner for $19.95!

Note to self #2:  though I may FEEL like a competent navigator, outside of the convenient numbered streets of Manhattan I have no idea what I`m doing! Learn to carry a map, doofus!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I'm off to New York for a few days, but I swear to post some pictures of the costume when I return!