Sunday, September 30, 2012

goodbye golden summer glamour...

Oddly enough, though we are now in full-blown autumn according to both the calendar and the dipping temperatures, I have had a hard time this year jumping into the seasonal colours.  I know, weird right?  The ochres and oranges and funky combinations that feel like 'me' are sort of sitting back while I ease into the right state of mind.  Granted, this September has been kinda grey and rainy.  And I know I still wear mustard and ochres year round- it's just that in the summer time it gets classified as a yellow! Anyway, since I still have some remaining summer freckles, and since lighter clothing gets packed away this weekend to make room for a bounteous collection of tights, I'd like to celebrate a little golden yellow combination that pleased me some weeks ago.

J Crew silk henley, Anthropologie Mid-century modern skirt, vintage necklace, F21 belt
This skirt has been a little difficult to style because of the wide elastic waistband and soft a-line- I always struggled to make it work as a structured fifties-style full skirt.  But in truth the mid-century modern that it recalls is not the Dior New Look, but the beachy Mediterranean glamour of Rudofsky sandals and bohemian travel.  So I think this wide burlap-weave belt and the patina of vintage brass brass beads are all I really needed to pull it together.

In summation, a little less this:
Stripes and Florals, Brigance, 1952
and a little more this (which is much more real, and summery, and truly glamorous):

courtesy Quincy's vintage pinterest here
Now I need to go put away those summer things and learn to embrace autumn again, before it is replaced by winter!! Happy end of September!

Monday, September 24, 2012

a horse and pony show...

Anthropologie To a Tee blazer, Gap bow blouse, Urban Outfitters jeans, Market boots
I really only have one mode when it comes to wearing denim to work- and it says "Hi, I just rode in on my favourite horse..."  This time of year it can be hard to adjust to wearing tights, so a cold morning calls for denim.  And nothing dresses up a pair of jeans like a fitted blazer, to which I can't help adding a bow blouse to keep it decorative.

I suppose there is some slight variance to this uniform- if I'm not wearing boots then it's possibly converse or oxfords, aka my Liz Lemon costume!

However this cuddly old horse dress is also pretty comfortable, so the last two Mondays have been notably (and noted by colleagues) equestrian in style...

Vintage horse dress, J Crew Eden cardigan, Aldo cognac pumps

What's your  uniform? And where's my pony anyway?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

sailor librarian?

Since my style always veer to the bookish chic anyway, maybe I should be embracing some descriptive modifiers.  Like sailor-style librarian...

J Crew Crosstown Flannel skirt, Ginger pullover, chiffon scarf, Chie Mihara shoes
Though you won't catch me swabbing any decks in Chie Mihara! That may not be necessary however- turns out the latest thing in bookselling is to be mobile.  Check out the book barge here (I would certainly love to!)

Or perhaps this lo-fi version in Santorini (though I'd have to change outfits for this one...the wool skirt could be a bit much!)

Don't you just love dressing for a fantasy lifestyle?  Or maybe I should just learn how to drive...

Friday, September 14, 2012

baroque...or gothic?

Virgil's Tomb by Moonlight, 1782. Richard Wright of Derby

Ah, after months of sunny hot days the rains have arrived.  It is truly a dark and stormy night, and I got home from work with my pretty new-to-me floral skirt absolutely sopping.  I was laughing while trying to avoid the deepest puddles (high-heeled wedges + rain= waterslides for your feet!) and now I'm just waiting for a pot of tea to brew so I can curl up on the couch and read some Gothic fiction.  There's nothing like bursts of bright lightning and rumbly thunder (and perhaps a cuddly cat) for setting the atmosphere for the natural sublime!

I finally read the classic novel Mysteries of Udolpho back in January, and now I'm moving onto another Radcliffe tale of shady monks and scheming nobles- The Italian.

I wore a bunch of stuffs this week, but only managed to document a couple of days worth.  I was quite pleased with how this goldy outfit came together.  It's like a more delicate version of the Baroque opulence of the brocades featured in the fall fashion magazines.  And I finally got to step my feet into some prim lace-up oxfords- ah Chie Mihara how I've missed you.  Let's never be separated again.

J Crew Daisylace tee, F21 mustard skirt, beaded collar from a market, Chie Mihara Ramsita oxfords, thrifted bag
detail: beaded collar and architectural lace
Oh,and that was not the only happy reunion this week.  It was actually sorta chilly enough to wear my Icon Trench again!
J Crew Icon trench in burnt caramel
Alright, my tea is ready and I need to dip back in to this book, and see how the brave Vivaldi is planning to whisk Ellena away from the Abbess that threatens to lock her up forever at his mother's behest!

Monday, September 10, 2012

weird and wonderful inspirations from a lakeside weekend...

I was very fortunate to be able to 'honour' labour day weekend in a proper manner this year- lakeside at a cottage with my family.  It was still sunny and warm, and we swam and took long walks around the quiet lake. and ate.  and ate!  This was the first time, and I hope to repeat it , as it was a splendid way to get used to the end of summer!
my VIP chambray skirt of the summer...hopefully it will get a little blog reverence soon!
I love random colour inspirations drawn from little observed moments.  Maybe it was the effect of too much sun, or one-too-many cannonballs into the lake, or just once demonstrating for my poor deprived nephews how a properly calibrated belly-flop is not as painful as you'd think (and discovering that the artistry with which I am able to perform the task is somewhat diminished due to the 20+ years since the last time...) (it was still pretty good, as my sister attests), or maybe just too much of a certain beverage...  But this elegant glass of rosé next to a squat tumbler of Mountain Dew seemed like a great idea for an outfit.

Granted I've been veering towards this colour combination anyway, but...I like it!
Anthropologie Hanalei floral button-down, ancient maroon pullover, Mountain Dew J Crew pencil skirt!

While there, I tested my new phone for it's camera potential- not bad.  A little shaky on the focus sometimes, and the photos are crazy wide!

Now I'm back at work, of course, and am totally caught in some weird state between clutching at summer and simultaneously desiring the details of Fall.  Can't let go of those florals, but I'm drooling at the chance to wear tights with prim lace-up oxfords (Hello Chie Mihara! I`ve missed you so!).  I have a few more summer outfits to remember and properly document, and then we'll be on to Fall inspirations!  I've already pored through my Harper`s Bazaar and Vogue a couple of times, and I'll be on the lookout for another fall publication soon- French Vogue perhaps?

I imagine everyone feels the same way right now!

For now, I'll just say little goodbyes to bits of summer. Goodbye lake- see you at Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

a gingham gal...

Ah, all this talk about the end of summer...but you know what?  It's still sunny and warm, and even after labour day it still feels *mostly* appropriate to wear sandals... so I'm gonna stick with some more summer!

A summer staple has to be a gingham shirt- it's such a perfect crisp layer with a printed skirt, and I'm always on the hunt for the perfect mix of fabric, cut and colour.  Hands-down my fave shirt is the caramel Buffalo Check from J Crew circa 2011 (seen here).  If they made this over and over (and over) again I would buy it over and over again (at full price!).  Unfortunately the gingham shirts I've tried since then just haven't fit quite right, and I haven't seen the same quality of light, smooth cotton.  Enter Old Navy.  Normally their button-ups aren't the best fit, even though they always have a great selection of colours.  Well, this tomato-red/orange gingham is perfect- from the moment I touched it on the hanger I knew it was going to be a new essential!

Old Navy gingham shirt, Anthropologie Apothecary skirt, Hush Puppies wedges, all in glorious cottage country...

Of course, it also makes a great cover-up with a dress for those cooler nights after the sun goes down...
Gap dress in varsity green, Old Navy gingham shirt
So, while I was packing for vacation earlier this summer, I thought I was being fairly reserved for only packing two gingham shirts...and then I realized I brought this gingham dress too!  Oh well...This is why we love gingham: it's appropriate for work, and for play!

Vintage gingham dress, orange patent belt, thrifted wedges (with gingham laces!)