Monday, August 22, 2011

September update on Anthropologie!

I was just browsing the Fall style sets on the Effortless Anthropologie Polyvore page here and noticed the dress I saw in Roxy's preview post is now online in a September preview here.  Oh my goodness.  There is now some very stiff, more seasonal competition for the ol' Wavering grid dress!
Test Pattern Sweaterdress

Dog Rose Pullover,  available in cream and navy
Uh oh, now my fall wishlist is all out of wack again, especially because even though I have a ton of high-heeled oxfords, I'm dying for yet another pair with these Chie Mihara shoes... So, if I should suddenly come into a million dollars, I shall have these shoes and the Fendi bag.   I shall happily settle for the dress only if not!

now I can die happy...

Friday, August 19, 2011

Fall 2011: wants, wishes, and inappropriate desires, part I

I've been saving/savouring images of fall clothing for a few weeks now- it is the ultimate season for the mustard and plaid mad- the season recalls versions of librarian/secretary/schoolgirl chic year after year and I couldn't be happier.

The hardest bit has actually been trying to organize my passions into a coherent post- do I go with a series of colour inspirations, or catalogue inspirations, thrift finds inspired by this year's fall lookbooks, or just what I'm wishing for?  I think I'll start with some wishlists, and then follow that up with the thrift finds from my vacation that are definitely in keeping with these colours and shapes! My wishlist of actual items is manageable- the inspiration board is over the top!

Here's a polyvore I put together recently of items- from the reasonable, that I have may have already snagged on sale, to the pricey but beautiful, beautiful lovelies I can't really hope to ever find on drastic reduction.  Oh those shoes! I just want to strap those little buckles around my ankles and run away with 'em!

The following are some of the items I consider building blocks for fall, already in my closet:
Building blocks for Fall 2011!

Obviously pencil skirts and heeled oxfords are a must, along with bright greens and oranges (with a couple of uncharacteristic forays into aqua, and a change from the more earthy colours I associate with autumn). I would love to convince myself into pants once in awhile this year, but those redwood minnies will have to be tried on in person to have a chance at coming home with me.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

green with envy...

Anthropologie Beda dress, thrifted Joe Fresh mustard flats
Well, y'all know by now that I have a thing for green dresses, right?  Thus the blog name- but really they're hard to find because it's so difficult to catch the right shade ( and green dresses never go on sale).  Granted, my colour loves change over the years too.  I didn't like the green version of the Reed shirtdress- it was a shade that did nothing for me (though it may soon)- and so when the Beda dress came out several months later, I figured it was a similar green.  I also didn't like the cap sleeves.  And that was that- I didn't think about it again until this summer, when I finally looked twice at it in posts by Molly and Anjali, and realized how superb the details were and the shade of green actually seemed kinda awesome (I like it to have that slight bit of yellow to be a true grassy green).  And actually those sleeves are kinda fine too...

So what do you do when you "need" an anthropologie dress that sold out a year ago?  You turn to the magical powers of the Effortless Anthropologie trade board, where I posted my wish for the dress, and on my second week of posts sweet Louise convinced me I was searching for the wrong size and sold me her unworn dress for a criminally reasonable price.  It fits like a dream, absolutely perfect, and I can't believe I missed out on it all this time!  Thankyouthankyouthankyou Louise!

Um, so did you notice at the bottom of the photo 2 little fuzzy triangles?  Well, they're attached to a very large fat cat who is kinda not letting me go away again anytime soon!  Even if it's just out onto the balcony!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


J Crew Burnt Twig cardigan, F21 tee, Anthropologie Ackee skirt, Clarks wedges I fully expected to put some rainy days to work and post some of my holiday snaps while I was away on vacation, since I was even fairly diligent in documenting what I wore.  But here I am, back after an exhausting non-drive (my job is to keep myself and therefore Mr. Driver awake) and all I have ready is today's concoction.  It was truly discombobulating to wake up in the heat and drag myself off to work this morning!

I hate it when things go together too well- a discordant note of colour just seems to enhance and intensify any combination.  However, it's not always easy to find that perfect proportion of the weird.  I'm really happy with what came together in this mornings improv session.  I wore the Ackee pencil skirt with a simple white tee- to throw in more visual interest, I grabbed a string of bright green beads and then the oddly perfect ochre green of my Jackie cardigan set them off in a fun way.  I like that the cardigan colour kinda vibrates against the red too. (and my toes are crudely painted in a bright mint green...)

I also love this spot- we ran off to get some groceries to feed our empty fridge and didn't manage to take any outfit shots until twilight.  Under the streetlamp, these 'decorative grasses' put in at great expense to prettify an overpass seemed eerily beautiful, and I love the unreal studio effect of the colours in the quick little shots we took.

Now I have a lot of blog reading to catch up on- I have been following an array of exciting fall wishlists and plan on posting some soon too, but first there's a bit more summer to revel in!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

memories of the road...

As usual, it rained the entire way through New Brunswick- this time, great grey sheets of wet blasting across the windshield and blowing up in mists from the cars in front.  That's about 7 hours or so of the 12.  I don't know why people live here- I'm told it can be quite beautiful, but all I ever see of it is torrential rain on the highway to somewhere better!  Sorry Pops ;)

In the early morning, we stopped for breakfast and a couple of photos with this adorable old tractor.  Industrial design just isn't as cute and anthropomorphic as it used to be!

Anthropologie Elkanah jacket, Amhara skirt, UO t-shirt, thrifted clogs

I've been up to a few things since, of course, and I'll try and share those photos soon! Beach, funk party, evening earwig massacres and the like.  Okay, maybe I'll spare you the earwig tales....