Friday, August 19, 2011

Fall 2011: wants, wishes, and inappropriate desires, part I

I've been saving/savouring images of fall clothing for a few weeks now- it is the ultimate season for the mustard and plaid mad- the season recalls versions of librarian/secretary/schoolgirl chic year after year and I couldn't be happier.

The hardest bit has actually been trying to organize my passions into a coherent post- do I go with a series of colour inspirations, or catalogue inspirations, thrift finds inspired by this year's fall lookbooks, or just what I'm wishing for?  I think I'll start with some wishlists, and then follow that up with the thrift finds from my vacation that are definitely in keeping with these colours and shapes! My wishlist of actual items is manageable- the inspiration board is over the top!

Here's a polyvore I put together recently of items- from the reasonable, that I have may have already snagged on sale, to the pricey but beautiful, beautiful lovelies I can't really hope to ever find on drastic reduction.  Oh those shoes! I just want to strap those little buckles around my ankles and run away with 'em!

The following are some of the items I consider building blocks for fall, already in my closet:
Building blocks for Fall 2011!

Obviously pencil skirts and heeled oxfords are a must, along with bright greens and oranges (with a couple of uncharacteristic forays into aqua, and a change from the more earthy colours I associate with autumn). I would love to convince myself into pants once in awhile this year, but those redwood minnies will have to be tried on in person to have a chance at coming home with me.

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