Friday, June 25, 2010

white frothy things

I'm babysitting the nephews tonight (boys are dirty, nasty-smelling things! But sweet.) and ended up watching a couple of episodes of "Say yes to the dress" with my mom. I don't know that she's ever experienced reality shows, so she had this great appalled/ fascinated look on her face all evening. I've always said that my family should just throw the man and I a surprise wedding if they really want one!
I can't imagine investing so much in one day having to be so special, especially since new dresses still don't seem to have the same quality of fabric and detailing as vintage. That doesn't prevent me from occasionally wondering what fabulous vintage frock might make such an event worth considering. I've always been drawn to white with black details, like the classic Sabrina dress Audrey Hepburn wore, but then, you can throw a sash over anything!

I must say, I really love the final ebay frock, but it's a wee bit small!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Queen of shirtdresses

Self-styled, perhaps, but I do seem to collect them, collector of all things that I am. Really, what I should do is get an idea of the scope of the project (problem?) by posting them to a blog or something...

I figure if I catalogue these frocks somehow, and am forced to post them online I may actually get around to all the lovelies sitting around waiting for tailoring! Plus I might remember to add a few more to the rotation...

I still haven't found the right conditions for photography that don't involve forcing the manfriend to take my picture constantly (and he's sleeping with his head on my lap right now so fortunately I obsess and save the ebay photos and I guess I'll start there!

This week I received a nice surprise, since a dress I purchased on a whim due to the lovely monochromatic pattern (an ongoing fixation) and buy-it-now option (another ongoing fixation?) turned out to fit beautifully right out of the...envelope. It's sort of a batik print, and the fabric is a really beautiful cotton/silk blend, or feels like it. Ignore the hideous wig! I guess it sorta makes me happy my hair is impossibly straight.

Prada, my dear, dear friend Prada, is still exploring the realm of 50's dress silhouettes...and apparently these are flying off the shelves at bargain prices of $800 or so! My new friend was about $25. Sweet. (sigh, since the advent of Mad Men, my fifties dresses have been much more sought-after and thus expensive on the ebay!)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

gah! Anthropologie unhappiness

Grrrr...Anthropologie, your Canadian website is terrible. I can't search by name or wishlist anything. I can't follow anyone's links to your items because your website sees that I'm in Canada and automatically forwards me to an expressionless landing page. I tried to cheat the system by ordering from the catalogue, since you don't have very much listed on your international site, but you angrily demanded I remove the lovely licorice skirt from my basket.

I loved the catalogue image so much I had to have the outfit...

I was on the verge of ordering the thrillingly ridiculous expensive sleeveless blouse anyway (florals and spots and mixed fabrics, oh my!) and then you wish to charge me half again the price of the shirt for shipping and customs charges...

And why are you not in Montreal anyway? You opened in Toronto ages ago, and in Edmonton for goodness sake. We shop like crazy at your Urban Outfitters stores. We are snooty and probably the most fashion-conscious city in Canada. We would love to spend our hard-earned dollars on your flimsy, frilly and somehow addictive merchandise.

Please, throw us a bone.


We are the earth intruders...

So I went for a run this week, and decided to try some Lady Gaga as musical inspiration. It just wasn't doing it for me, so I shuffled and then a lovely symphony of tugboat horns heralded Bjork's Volta album. It's been sort of rotating in my head ever since (we are the earth intruders...). I've always been partial to harbour sounds anyway, since living in Halifax for several years, submitting charcoal drawings of tugboat parts for art school projects and feeding my industrial landscape obsessions.

The sounds reminded me of the film "L'annulaire" based on the novel by Yoko Ogawa. There's a similar harbour theme in the soundtrack, with haunting vocals from the Portishead lead singer. It's an odd story about a girl who takes a job as secretary for an enigmatic doctor (he relieves people of the memories that haunt them). It takes place in Hamburg, alternately in a gorgeous industrial landscape and an abandoned hospital. Weird things happen, she meets unusual people, the doctor manipulates things. There's a sort of a 'red shoes' analogy of control. Anyway, it's sweltering summer and she wears these wilted florals and frail cotton blouses throughout (with cardigans). Something like the style of lovely Liebemarlene. I swear a few of the screen shots look right out of an anthropologie catalogue!

Sigh. I'm just a bundle of surface analogies- that's all I have to say! That and I'm really into florals now. ;P

Yoko Ogawa has written quite a bit, but there isn't much out there in english yet. For some reason she's very available in french though, so I've started picking them up here and there. If you're like me and the very words museum, collection,memory and object cause excitement and longing...

Monday, June 7, 2010


Dang! I was so excited- I found the perfect pair of heels a couple of weeks back, in my beloved Camper "training heels" series. I came across them by accident in a real, honest-to-goodness store- they seem so quaint to me these days, and frustrating for their lack of variety. Anyway, gorgeous pale grey Camper heels, with lovely khaki yellow laces. Yum! Of course they didn't have my size, though they were priced 'reasonably' for the Canadian dollar (Usually there seems to be a 30% markup above the exchange rate, and these were on sale to about 10%...)

So I wrote to the nice people at (who now ship to Canada!) and though the shoes weren't available on the website, they ordered them from the warehouse for me and shipped them out promptly a couple of days later.

Except that I kept asking to make sure that they were the pale grey leather, since the model online I've seen is more charcoal/ gunmetal grey. I received them today,and yes they are indeed the gunmetal grey. Sadness. Still cute and cuddly, and I can still run and jump and plav, but alas...

I'm gonna have to find me some awfully fun laces now! Harvest orange for fall, lemon yellow for summer (hint of neon...)