Wednesday, June 29, 2011

scribbles and grids!

vintage 50's print dress, thrifted cloth belt, J Crew Cardigan, Clarks wedges

Okay, you know I love fifties dresses- this is one of my favourites.  The cotton is super soft, with a slight luxurious sheen, and a batik-print with a hint of lime green...yum!  I'm a total sucker for white and brown prints- geometric, tribal- you name it (even my favourite almost-zebra-cow print sixties dress that I missed photographing recently, but you'll get another chance to see!).  I guess that's pretty much all I've got to say here.  Just expressing the love for Dior and his new look silhouette.

 Something in the colours here also reminds me of the beautiful linear spaces in Giacometti drawings
Alberto Giacometti, "Diego"1953

Alberto Giacometti, "Mother of the artist" 1950

And besides being a sucker for scribbly, linear prints, I am somewhat (okay, alotwhat) obsessed with irregular grids and squares- this new dress that popped up in the July Anthropologie catalogue is killing me.
Anthropologie Wavering Grid dress
Yes, I already have the speckled ink dress in my scribbly linear arsenal, but this one is sorta different.  I will wait until a few reviews roll in first though...maybe. 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

sunshine and lollipops...

I found myself inadvertently dressing for summer sweets this week- I guess just how one thing leads to another both in sweet tooth temptations and in colour inspirations!

Vintage sundress from Dear Golden Vintage, Clarks sandals
I  picked up this beautiful dress in the fall, but since the colours were softer pastels it didn't feel right to wear it until recently.  I love the pale orange and chocolate ice-cream stripes in the skirt, but found it needed something up top to balance the pale bodice.  I had a chocolate brown  cardigan but hardly wore it because of the heat.  In the morning I threw on this pink striped ribbon that was lying around- it turned out to glow in the dark, as I discovered during a fire drill at work!  Oops.  Especially since I also have to wear/carry a fluorescent orange cap on such occasions!

And then I guess I just couldn't get out of the tasty sweets mode for the rest of the week.  I ended up wearing the lovely pastel stripes of the Ardennes skirt twice- once with a bright green tee, and again with a bright yellow tee.  I really wanted to accessorize this with a softer fabric necklace, but couldn't find one in the moment- I think a yellow scarf might work nicely too.  It's very versatile and works with a lot of colours, sort of like the Peppered and Striped skirt from this winter.  I plan on future forays with a peach blouse, or with an orange striped sweater for contrast.
Anthropologie Ardennes skirt, necklace borrowed permanently from sister, H&M tee, Camper shoes
And then more stripey goodness with the Licorice Lanes skirt.  I thought this would be nice with a minty top (maybe more girly drink than sweets really- mojito with licorice all-sorts?) but I think the colour needs to be a bit brighter to offset all that pink!
Anthropologie Licorice Lanes skirt, mint tee, Camper shoes
I really need to get back in the game with posting- summer is short and I keep missing documenting the best pieces.  There are some favourite vintage gingham and green dresses that will just have to come out again soon for another chance at posterity!   Soon, I promise!

Monday, June 20, 2011

maxi me...

Fruit of the Loom kids undershirt, thrifted necklace, vintage floral maxi skirt, Clarks sandals

I really wanted to try some maxis out this summer, but all the dresses just felt too boho or nightgown-y for me.  I had resigned myself to sit this experience out, when I came upon this lovely vintage green floral skirt at the Salvation Army- the cotton skirt has a bit more structure than many of the current maxi pieces, and I love the whimsical detail of the ruffled pockets.  It is a lovely feeling walking on a hot summer's day with light fabrics flowing around the ankles.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

moody ballerina

I was looking forward to taking part in Everybody Everywear's lace challenge today- I mean, after all, my VIP article of clothing over the past few months has been the vintage lace blouse I found, inspired by Anthropologie's Back Porch Blouse.  Shall I call it the Balcony Blouse?

Of course yesterday when I got home from work the camera was nowhere to be found!  Anyway, here's what I wore.  I'm thinking now maybe it's a bit too sweet with the sash, or with the blouse buttoned all the way.  I do love the idea- new to me- of lace as a layer over patterns, in this case the mottled stripes of Anthropologie's Sunwashed Dots dress.
Vintage lace blouse, Anthropologie dress, Camper shoes
Today's dress is a favourite for it's all-season versatility.  It's super thin fabric- and quite a bit of it with all those pleats- so I wear a fuller slip which swishes beautifully when you walk.  I guess that's what feels sorta 'off-duty dancer' about it. I'm not sure why the photographer (er...bucket) had such a hard time drawing a smile from me today.  Maybe it's barbecue man still hanging out upstairs whenever I perform the ol' "take pictures of myself" thing...
Vintage checked dress, thrifted belt, Aldo flats

 Check out all the lovely ladies in lace at Everybody Everywear!
Lace | Everybody, Everywear

floral etsy round-up

So I have been known to whet my appetite for the latest lovely frock from Anthropologie with a stand-in, usually more satisfying and of better quality, really, from my favourite vintage proprietors at Etsy.  When Eve Franco's En Plein Air dress went online in January I was positively drooling.  My official new favourite colour combination of  green and orange, in a deluxe watercolour floral print.  The only thing that wasn't so pretty was the insane price tag.

I knew that if I waited long enough, the dress would eventually go on sale.  But when I saw it sell out at full price online, I figured I should look for a substitute.  I actually just missed out on this lovely:

and there were a few potential contenders that seem to have fallen out of my wishlist, but then this baby popped up:

watercolour floral?  check. Orange and green? check (even more of an autumnal print, which is nice).  And a bonus beautiful vintage detail in the back?  check.

Last week the Anthropologie dress actually went on sale and I also scored it with the extra % off during the tag sale from the first store I called.  I can't wait to get it in the mail now...

In the process, I found a bunch of beautiful one-of-a-kind green floral/pink/orange lovelies available on etsy.

Light Yellowy Green Novelty Print 1950 Dress, $49

Adorable Floral 1990s Day Dress, $40

1950s 'Marigold Magic' Floral Cotton Day Dress, $78

1950s -On The Sunny Side Of The Street- Floral Summer Dress, $60

Vintage 1950s Abstract Floral Print Shirtdress, $36

Spring Fling dress, sold

Amazing 1950s 1960s Truworths Mad Men Bombshell Party Dress, $248

Oh, and thanks to this ill-considered exercise in vintage shopping, I am now absolutely dying over this Ceil Chapman cupcake of a frock.

Vintage 50's CEIL CHAPMAN Mustard Yellow Green Floral Party Cocktail Sun Dress Pintucked Cotton S/M, $198

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sundays are for...

Sundays are for catching up, apparently.  Somehow I've been falling behind, and even though I've had some lovely days off recently with the manfriend/photographer, I still haven't been keeping up with the outfits.  I'm pretty sure there have been some fun attempts recently that I've missed out on documenting after work, which is a shame because I'm sure I don't remember now what they were!!  That's why we take pictures, I guess.

The last couple of Sundays have been sunny and beautiful, which leads us to some meandering in the neighbourhood, up and down the now verdant alleys (mmmm verdant slip dress dreams...).  I love this time of year because all you need to do is throw on crisp cotton dress and some pretty sandals and run out the door!

On one afternoon ramble we came across this gorgeous grassy path between 2 fences...

Vintage checked dress, Forever 21 braided jute belt, Clarks sandals

Necklace made from vintage buttons
I guess continuing a sort of marine theme, I like this combination with the button back tee from J Crew.  I love the unusual colour of the stripes, though I do find the spacing between the buttons at the back a bit...breezy!  I apparently liked the orange scalloped-hem mini I picked up from Forever 21 a couple of months ago so much that I later picked it up in navy too...

J Crew Button Back t-shirt, F21 scalloped-hem mini, rust scarf, UO braided belt, Clarks sandals   
I love when gardens grow out beyond their fences, particularly hanging vines and lilacs! Makes me think of the hidden gardens of Venice (my life goal is to become a taxi driver in Venice, ferrying people around the canals in a swanky motor boat, living in a garden by the canals...)

Either this:

Or this (I'm happy to start small):