Sunday, June 26, 2011

sunshine and lollipops...

I found myself inadvertently dressing for summer sweets this week- I guess just how one thing leads to another both in sweet tooth temptations and in colour inspirations!

Vintage sundress from Dear Golden Vintage, Clarks sandals
I  picked up this beautiful dress in the fall, but since the colours were softer pastels it didn't feel right to wear it until recently.  I love the pale orange and chocolate ice-cream stripes in the skirt, but found it needed something up top to balance the pale bodice.  I had a chocolate brown  cardigan but hardly wore it because of the heat.  In the morning I threw on this pink striped ribbon that was lying around- it turned out to glow in the dark, as I discovered during a fire drill at work!  Oops.  Especially since I also have to wear/carry a fluorescent orange cap on such occasions!

And then I guess I just couldn't get out of the tasty sweets mode for the rest of the week.  I ended up wearing the lovely pastel stripes of the Ardennes skirt twice- once with a bright green tee, and again with a bright yellow tee.  I really wanted to accessorize this with a softer fabric necklace, but couldn't find one in the moment- I think a yellow scarf might work nicely too.  It's very versatile and works with a lot of colours, sort of like the Peppered and Striped skirt from this winter.  I plan on future forays with a peach blouse, or with an orange striped sweater for contrast.
Anthropologie Ardennes skirt, necklace borrowed permanently from sister, H&M tee, Camper shoes
And then more stripey goodness with the Licorice Lanes skirt.  I thought this would be nice with a minty top (maybe more girly drink than sweets really- mojito with licorice all-sorts?) but I think the colour needs to be a bit brighter to offset all that pink!
Anthropologie Licorice Lanes skirt, mint tee, Camper shoes
I really need to get back in the game with posting- summer is short and I keep missing documenting the best pieces.  There are some favourite vintage gingham and green dresses that will just have to come out again soon for another chance at posterity!   Soon, I promise!

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