Tuesday, June 14, 2011

moody ballerina

I was looking forward to taking part in Everybody Everywear's lace challenge today- I mean, after all, my VIP article of clothing over the past few months has been the vintage lace blouse I found, inspired by Anthropologie's Back Porch Blouse.  Shall I call it the Balcony Blouse?

Of course yesterday when I got home from work the camera was nowhere to be found!  Anyway, here's what I wore.  I'm thinking now maybe it's a bit too sweet with the sash, or with the blouse buttoned all the way.  I do love the idea- new to me- of lace as a layer over patterns, in this case the mottled stripes of Anthropologie's Sunwashed Dots dress.
Vintage lace blouse, Anthropologie dress, Camper shoes
Today's dress is a favourite for it's all-season versatility.  It's super thin fabric- and quite a bit of it with all those pleats- so I wear a fuller slip which swishes beautifully when you walk.  I guess that's what feels sorta 'off-duty dancer' about it. I'm not sure why the photographer (er...bucket) had such a hard time drawing a smile from me today.  Maybe it's barbecue man still hanging out upstairs whenever I perform the ol' "take pictures of myself" thing...
Vintage checked dress, thrifted belt, Aldo flats

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