Wednesday, June 29, 2011

scribbles and grids!

vintage 50's print dress, thrifted cloth belt, J Crew Cardigan, Clarks wedges

Okay, you know I love fifties dresses- this is one of my favourites.  The cotton is super soft, with a slight luxurious sheen, and a batik-print with a hint of lime green...yum!  I'm a total sucker for white and brown prints- geometric, tribal- you name it (even my favourite almost-zebra-cow print sixties dress that I missed photographing recently, but you'll get another chance to see!).  I guess that's pretty much all I've got to say here.  Just expressing the love for Dior and his new look silhouette.

 Something in the colours here also reminds me of the beautiful linear spaces in Giacometti drawings
Alberto Giacometti, "Diego"1953

Alberto Giacometti, "Mother of the artist" 1950

And besides being a sucker for scribbly, linear prints, I am somewhat (okay, alotwhat) obsessed with irregular grids and squares- this new dress that popped up in the July Anthropologie catalogue is killing me.
Anthropologie Wavering Grid dress
Yes, I already have the speckled ink dress in my scribbly linear arsenal, but this one is sorta different.  I will wait until a few reviews roll in first though...maybe. 

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