Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Now I'm obsessed with orange- pure, bright vermillion-through-to-salmon-orange! I thought it was because I was drawn to an orange Russian-style babushka scarf 2 weeks ago, or did it start with a sweater back in february...but it turns out it's just THE colour this spring, and I'm merely susceptible...very susceptible. Here we have Hilary Swank, Barbie, Moulinette Soeurs, and well, I can't think of how that Pantone 021 seems to surround me these days...

Monday, March 15, 2010


I was at a used bookstore last week, browsing through the stacked books. Somehow it always seems more fruitful to search through a pile of books than browse a tidy shelf. I'm more likely to be tempted by something first encountered face-up than spined. I came across an old paper something- looked like an invitation maybe- in textured taupe paper. On the cover, a silver sticker was printed with 'Molyneux 1931-1932' - I realized it was the order catalogue from a Paris fashion show, with categories for morning gowns, and tea dresses. A penciled note next to robe d'apres-midi #46b reads 'volants' or ruffles. Molyneux was a fashion house, pretty-much at it's height in this period, known for sleek silk column dresses worn by several actresses and the fashionable set.
I later learned all this from the internet.

These dresses are all from seasons 1931-19333, and the final image is actress Gertrude Lawrence in the play Private Lives 1931.

I also picked up a nice old copy of Alber's colour theory. Maybe more on that later.

Friday, March 5, 2010

More stripes!

That reminds me too of Malick Sidibe's incredible vintage street fashion photography. want. Here is a mix, including members of his family in a recent photo spread from the New York Times.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


So, along with green dresses, bows, blouses and soviet memorabilia, I loves stripes. Almost exclusively black and white stripes. It's sort of the culmination of a pattern fascination that ranges between subtle shadow plaids and masses of black and white op patterns. I recently came across a striped summer dress for sale online, one that I craved from Valerie Dumaine's 2008 spring collection. Um, so now I have it. Lovely silk and cotton blend. sigh...

If only I could one day capture the ultimate stripe AND op print dress, from Mulberry Spring 2009... want.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Okay, so no posts for some time since a: I've been watching the Olympics for the last 2 weeks whilst lying on the couch, feeling any last semblance of muscle tone melt into the cushions and b: there is very little in the way of inspiring fashion to be, er, inspired by.

However I am now firmly obsessed with the idea of finding a way to attend the next winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia! a: I love, love, love the winter Olympics and b: I love, love, love Russia and c: ladies ski jumping being introduced as a new medal event...oh, and d: Evgeni Plushenko...