Monday, March 31, 2014

here comes the sun!

Zara citron silk blouse
Spring is just trying to peek through the piles of snowdrifts- today there was a glorious blazing sun all day.  More please!  All month long I've been totally obsessed with bright sunny yellows and crisp black and white prints.  Like so:

sunny days

black and white and yellow

I may even have brought some of these lovelies home with me.  But see, it worked! I've got sunshine! Even if things are going to be a little muddy and rusty for awhile (within and without), there's still always a place for sunshine.  Please. More.
Vintage rust floral dress and brass sweater clips, Anthropologie cropped pointelle cardigan and Tarnby lasercut booties

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

random cat lady blues...

I am getting a frightening picture of an alternative universe self this week,since my man Z has abandoned me for two weeks.  Yes, while I am still shivering in unseasonably cold weather, he's complaining about the sweltering humidity in Hong Kong.  Unfair.  I hoped to be unusual active, and even went so far as to write myself an exciting list of creative things to do- to draw, to sew, projects to finish around the house. Yeah.  'Cause I like to do stuff, and get stuff done.

Well, I started with a selected pile of readings I've been meaning to get to:

Okay, maybe I've gotten a good start on that element- I've almost finished the first book, and I still have a 1/2 bottle of wine left! But you can see the problem in this picture right?  That cute little hint of cat?  Well, he doesn't want me to do anything but lie on the couch.  And he can be very convincing.

I was inspired by these colourful tulips- I totally intended to not only brighten up my apartment with a little colour, but also to maybe even get around to some drawing. I've been obsessed with still-lives and plants lately...the tulips are now dead and drooping however.  I may have to explore still life in the french sense of  nature morte.  sigh. the delicate shrivelling edges are kinda pretty...

Anyway, the man took the camera with him (sensibly) so I'm stuck with the sad discoloured and fuzzy imagery captured with my phone.  I think you've seen this exact outfit before, all frosty and mixes of blues. Though I did add a little sparkle with the belt and paired it with these silver oxfords while at work!

Gee Wawa Emily oxfords
So there you have it- despite my efforts to be a dynamic and creative lone individual, I am  instead showing my true colours- a cat lady surrounded by dead flowers, huddled under a pile of books, wishing I had more cheap red wine (but too weary of the cold outdoors to go get more...)

Oh well.  At least Easter is coming!  Scary cat lady chocolate, come to mama...

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The island of the day before...

J Crew silk butterfly blouse and cashmere sweater, F21 skirt, Chie Mihara oxfords

That title seemed appropriate to a post-St. Patrick's day wearing of green (I barely wore any on the actual day, as usual), amidst continued sub-zero temperatures, and while I'm caught in a nostalgia loop for a moment I never experienced (see video below!) The title is that of a novel by Umberto Eco-  maybe my favourite- set on a shipwreck and playing beautifully with time and space and memory. (from the wikipedia entry:  Set in the 17th century, it revolves around Roberto della Griva, an Italian nobleman marooned on a deserted ship in the Pacific sea, and his slowly decaying mental state, set against a backdrop of Baroque-era science, metaphysics, and cosmology. Yup. That sounds like something I'd love...) We're in a weird space- so apparently tomorrow is actually the last official day of winter, but the planet didn't get the message.  It's supposed to snow. And thus I am wearing butterflies all over my shirt in a desperate attempt to remember a sunny, fluttery time and space.

Last week, to celebrate my birthday, I took a day (or two) off work and visited the biodome specifically for its tropical forests.  I was there once years ago, also in the middle of winter, and it was incredible how refreshing to the spirit it is to stand amidst massive live greenery, with birds singing overhead (and hey, a couple of monkeys and a big fat capybara help).  I of course vowed to go back, but hadn't since!  It was beautiful and maybe next year I need a season pass...

Sigh. The Lynx cubs weren't keen on posing for a photo, though one of the lads was sleeping atop a very flimsy tree, oblivious to his precarious perch. Squee.  Here's a more professional photo of their hijinks.

Photo: Jacques Nadeau, Le Devoir

 I was hoping to make a full day of it and get to the other nature show I've been trying to get to for years, Butterflies Go Free, at the botanical gardens.  Maybe I can play hooky another day soon and experience some pretty flutterbyes.

photo: Montreal Botanical Gardens
photo: Mike Laking here
photo: Steve Troletti here
Until then, I leave you with my favourite video, a magical set of moments that takes me right back to being a kid, and heck how much do I want to BE this moment?  In Iceland, no less.  Voila, 42 seconds of absolute bliss.  You're welcome. Kyssa!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

big skirt, big vintage...

Hey guys.  Just trying to catch up- I'm seriously considering letting this blog become about vintage me, because dang it, I think there may be more outfit photos languishing on my computer than actual posts here!  It's gonna be all throwback thursday (#tbt) soon (which may be kinda exciting- remember summer?) And for my own benefit, it's already gotten impossible to remember what I've worn and how, which was kinda the point of this whole thing!

Anyway, I periodically allow myself to browse the magnificence of Etsy for dreamy vintage prints, and when I came across this 50s silk black and white painted full skirt from Nelly de Grab I, well, I just could not resist (grab?)  And besides, Sunday was my birthday so I can do whatever I want! It's birthday week month! Wow, it is a lotta skirt- I have to really swing it, with some nice heels, whilst standing up straight.  It's all about the posture. says little miss slouch. And maybe someday I'll even build up the courage to venture out with the full crinoline experience. Now that's a big skirt.
Uniqlo cashmere tee, Nelly de Grab vintage silk skirt, Anthropologie Tarnby lasercut booties

Thanks 1919vintage!  Your shop is sublime. Therefore I may need to stay far away for awhile!

More Nelly de Grab for you, grabbed from the internet.  Swoon. I love the emphasis on monochromatic prints. Also read about her here at Couture Allure vintage.

Oh, and this one is still available on ebay, here:

Saturday, March 1, 2014

somebody out there likes me...

I'm pretty sure I already own this dress, somewhere in my closet...
Well, not just somebody.  Missoni!  Check out some highlights from their Fall 2014 collection. It's basically 2/3rds of my wardrobe, all browns and mustards and rusts, and that subtle combination of grey and rust I always forget about.  And because I am a forward-thinking avant-gardist gal, I plan on putting the inspiration into daily practice immediately.

Those coats! Those prints! Those boots!

 oh, and that sweet and subtle grey and rust combination!

Aw, and even a little bit of my favourite sage green and mustard (with a little blonde attitude...)

My cup runneth over!  I guess it's not so bad that those Fall collections come out while real people are still in the throes of winter...