Wednesday, March 12, 2014

big skirt, big vintage...

Hey guys.  Just trying to catch up- I'm seriously considering letting this blog become about vintage me, because dang it, I think there may be more outfit photos languishing on my computer than actual posts here!  It's gonna be all throwback thursday (#tbt) soon (which may be kinda exciting- remember summer?) And for my own benefit, it's already gotten impossible to remember what I've worn and how, which was kinda the point of this whole thing!

Anyway, I periodically allow myself to browse the magnificence of Etsy for dreamy vintage prints, and when I came across this 50s silk black and white painted full skirt from Nelly de Grab I, well, I just could not resist (grab?)  And besides, Sunday was my birthday so I can do whatever I want! It's birthday week month! Wow, it is a lotta skirt- I have to really swing it, with some nice heels, whilst standing up straight.  It's all about the posture. says little miss slouch. And maybe someday I'll even build up the courage to venture out with the full crinoline experience. Now that's a big skirt.
Uniqlo cashmere tee, Nelly de Grab vintage silk skirt, Anthropologie Tarnby lasercut booties

Thanks 1919vintage!  Your shop is sublime. Therefore I may need to stay far away for awhile!

More Nelly de Grab for you, grabbed from the internet.  Swoon. I love the emphasis on monochromatic prints. Also read about her here at Couture Allure vintage.

Oh, and this one is still available on ebay, here:

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