Tuesday, March 25, 2014

random cat lady blues...

I am getting a frightening picture of an alternative universe self this week,since my man Z has abandoned me for two weeks.  Yes, while I am still shivering in unseasonably cold weather, he's complaining about the sweltering humidity in Hong Kong.  Unfair.  I hoped to be unusual active, and even went so far as to write myself an exciting list of creative things to do- to draw, to sew, projects to finish around the house. Yeah.  'Cause I like to do stuff, and get stuff done.

Well, I started with a selected pile of readings I've been meaning to get to:

Okay, maybe I've gotten a good start on that element- I've almost finished the first book, and I still have a 1/2 bottle of wine left! But you can see the problem in this picture right?  That cute little hint of cat?  Well, he doesn't want me to do anything but lie on the couch.  And he can be very convincing.

I was inspired by these colourful tulips- I totally intended to not only brighten up my apartment with a little colour, but also to maybe even get around to some drawing. I've been obsessed with still-lives and plants lately...the tulips are now dead and drooping however.  I may have to explore still life in the french sense of  nature morte.  sigh. the delicate shrivelling edges are kinda pretty...

Anyway, the man took the camera with him (sensibly) so I'm stuck with the sad discoloured and fuzzy imagery captured with my phone.  I think you've seen this exact outfit before, all frosty and mixes of blues. Though I did add a little sparkle with the belt and paired it with these silver oxfords while at work!

Gee Wawa Emily oxfords
So there you have it- despite my efforts to be a dynamic and creative lone individual, I am  instead showing my true colours- a cat lady surrounded by dead flowers, huddled under a pile of books, wishing I had more cheap red wine (but too weary of the cold outdoors to go get more...)

Oh well.  At least Easter is coming!  Scary cat lady chocolate, come to mama...

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