Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The island of the day before...

J Crew silk butterfly blouse and cashmere sweater, F21 skirt, Chie Mihara oxfords

That title seemed appropriate to a post-St. Patrick's day wearing of green (I barely wore any on the actual day, as usual), amidst continued sub-zero temperatures, and while I'm caught in a nostalgia loop for a moment I never experienced (see video below!) The title is that of a novel by Umberto Eco-  maybe my favourite- set on a shipwreck and playing beautifully with time and space and memory. (from the wikipedia entry:  Set in the 17th century, it revolves around Roberto della Griva, an Italian nobleman marooned on a deserted ship in the Pacific sea, and his slowly decaying mental state, set against a backdrop of Baroque-era science, metaphysics, and cosmology. Yup. That sounds like something I'd love...) We're in a weird space- so apparently tomorrow is actually the last official day of winter, but the planet didn't get the message.  It's supposed to snow. And thus I am wearing butterflies all over my shirt in a desperate attempt to remember a sunny, fluttery time and space.

Last week, to celebrate my birthday, I took a day (or two) off work and visited the biodome specifically for its tropical forests.  I was there once years ago, also in the middle of winter, and it was incredible how refreshing to the spirit it is to stand amidst massive live greenery, with birds singing overhead (and hey, a couple of monkeys and a big fat capybara help).  I of course vowed to go back, but hadn't since!  It was beautiful and maybe next year I need a season pass...

Sigh. The Lynx cubs weren't keen on posing for a photo, though one of the lads was sleeping atop a very flimsy tree, oblivious to his precarious perch. Squee.  Here's a more professional photo of their hijinks.

Photo: Jacques Nadeau, Le Devoir

 I was hoping to make a full day of it and get to the other nature show I've been trying to get to for years, Butterflies Go Free, at the botanical gardens.  Maybe I can play hooky another day soon and experience some pretty flutterbyes.

photo: Montreal Botanical Gardens
photo: Mike Laking here
photo: Steve Troletti here
Until then, I leave you with my favourite video, a magical set of moments that takes me right back to being a kid, and heck how much do I want to BE this moment?  In Iceland, no less.  Voila, 42 seconds of absolute bliss.  You're welcome. Kyssa!

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