Monday, April 30, 2012

a little birthday haul...

ah...I love that experience of yielding to temptation.  It's like a confluence of happy happenings in which it is suddenly right to buy something...uh, yeah. I think I have a lot of those moments!  I have pretty much left most of my spring wishlist to wither away- none of the dresses, even when they went on sale!  However I was pretty happy to allow myself the thrill of buying a couple of much-desired pieces with my March birthday discount at Anthropologie.  I mean, the way it worked out was really just a convenient gateway, since pretty much everything subsequently went on sale or received second cuts!  Not that I'm complaining!
Anthropologie baubled fan pullover and corded dots pencil skirt
I love these pieces so much- unfortunately I haven't gotten any outfit shots to show you! I get home at this awkward time when it's too cold to take photos outdoors but the light is too bright to take backlit photos in the hall (this picture was insanely yellow!) 

anthro birthday haul

I particularly loved wearing the polka dot blouse with a blazer- it's adorable and well worth my heavily desiring it for so long!

raindrops and sunshine

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

blustery blues...

It's hard to believe that last Monday was a scorching 29C surprise since it has been resolutely hovering above freezing, with gale-force winds and frigid rain showers almost ever since.  Ironically, I've been worrying about what kind of outerwear I need on this upcoming trip to Iceland when in actuality the weather there is much nicer! Last night it actually snowed!

J Crew Blythe shirtdress and chartreuse cardigan, purple tights, Colorblock oxfords via Etsy
Oh my, so much catching up to do!  I feel like I have been posting regularly, but apparently that only includes taking photos and not actually sharing them with the world!  Busy times, busy the last few weeks I've been wearing a lot of my new favorite colour combination- navy and chartreuse, or variations thereof (uh, in other words, blue and yellow- original, I know!)

I wanted the Blythe shirtdress right from the start- I mean, such a lovely silk dress!  I was drooling over the orange version at first, but found the colour too bright and maraschino-like, so ended up desiring the navy. Oh yes!  I got used to it always being around in the sale section, but just kept waiting for the price to dip a little lower.  And then one day it was gone, like, really gone- no popbacks online at all!  So I was pretty happy to catch one a few weeks ago during an extra % promotion since it hadn't been available for a couple of months already.  I love these navy contrast oxfords but always forget about them- somehow the deluxe drape of the dress lets me step away from my heels addiction for a moment!  And yes, bright purple continues its inexorable drift into my world...tights are great accessories!

Anthropologie Brassica dress, F21 pointelle cardigan and mustard belt, Indigo lace-ups
This older Anthropologie dress is one I`ve always been a little uncertain about- the wallpaper floral is surprisingly a little too muddy (for the self-styled queen of mustard?  weird!)  but a bright blue, almost purple cardigan seems to activate the palette (colour theory, what?)  In truth, I also got really annoyed and cut the flaps off the pockets one day (an often regrettable act I call 'sarahrising' or 'voiding the warranty') which does help the skirt hang better. I may even have done this while sitting at my desk at work.  ahem.

I think I'm due for a big ol' March/April favorites megapost.  Oh right, and a update on my birthday 'haul' from Anthropologie ('cause that 15% discount is just so...irresistible!) and maybe even an impromptu prom date...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

girls gone...icy!

I grew up in a family of girls- just my mom and two sisters for the most part.  Since then, we've expanded the family unit several times over to include husbands and manfriends and other mommas and kids and such.  We've since started a tradition of taking a trip together, just us girls, every few years.  This year there was some random chatter around Christmas-time about going the beaten track.  Something different.  And so I discovered a few weeks ago that this May will mean a trip together to the dark and beautiful sublimity of Iceland!
I'm trying to pack in as much research as I can in short bursts in the evenings- we'll spend a few days in Reykjavik and then rent a car and see some magnificent landscapes, from waterfalls and glaciers to geysers and volcanic beaches.  But I feel totally overwhelmed and there isn't much time to prepare.
Now, you know me, my first thought is "but what will I wear?" I mean, I don't really own 'sensible' clothing, and I despise the idea of dressing in bland touristy hiking gear (which I don't own). I'm also leery of leaping headlong into some kind of icelandic-sweater-bohemian stereotype, because you know I will! 
 I keep going through phases of planning where I will focus exclusively on warm layered combinations (countryside will be cold and wet), which drifts into colour stories and fun outfit combinations in cool springlike temps for the city, which jumps sidelong into realizing I kinda need to fulfill several very different types of clothing: 

-comfortable stylish knits for the LONG flights

-'me' clothes for wandering the city and hitting up whatever cool vintage and flea market spaces I can find

 -sorta clubwear for trying to keep up with my baby sister (in hard-partying Reykjavik and a wild overnight in Oslo!) (What do the kids wear these days?)

-warm layers for light hiking (I CAN do this in skirts!)

-footwear that actually works with all these elements...including the all-important stricture of wearing slip-on shoes while flying for easy passage through security (thanks Ryan Bingham!)

- oh, and a bathing suit for the hot baths!
I wish...
While undoubtedly an inveterate clotheshorse  (I even wore my horsedress this week...), I consider myself a light packer when traveling so this is gonna be tough.  I have a lot of work ahead of me (how fun!) but here's a polyvore as I plan on a few elements.  My colours always start with a green/olive base, but the scheme I'm going with is roughly: purple, olive, and chartreuse, with a touch of rust!  And I can't live without some print for excitement, both in simple tops and the absolutely necessary touch of several scarf options!  Never leave home without them!

The challenge is also not to end up wearing all olive at once (which has happened!) so I'm looking for a warmer spring jacket in another colour tomorrow (I have some thrifting to do!)

Building blocks for...Iceland!

Building blocks for...Iceland!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

impossipurple! unphotographable!

Here I am, surrounding myself with purple.  That colour I distinctly recall telling someone 2 months ago that I just didn't feel any affinity for, stuck somewhere between blue and red (2 colours I definitely have little affinity for...)  I knew at the time it was probably one of those statements that would immediately become untrue.  And so it did, as I surround myself in electric blues and soft lavenders.  I blame J. Crew.  I feel I can always blame my colour fixations on them, with good reason and inspired fervour!

Here I am, in my electric purple skinny jeans.  I blame Molly for these actually, since there is no way I would have considered them until seeing her fabulous AG lavenders.  Suddenly they seemed like just the thing that would complete my spring colour transformation.  I had a credit to use at Forever 21, so I figured I would see what kind of denim I could try my luck on.  There was one pair of these left online, and so I crossed my fingers and placed an order.  These are great- still stretchy, but thicker denim than most of the F21 offerings (therefore more forgiving!) and the colour is a fantastic shade of soft yet vivid purple that eludes the camera's encoding eye.  I love the colour alongside khaki/olive green, and discovered just now how cute these are with a dark rust cardigan too!
Vintage brown checked shirt, F21 distressed denim, urban decay
somebody needs a all became rather unruly quite quickly...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

seafoam, sea change

Oh, I've never been much for the soft, ladylike pastels.  I love bright jewel tones and harsh mod prints, right?  Well, the fashion world has seen fit over the past couple of seasons to show that pastels can be edgy too- usually to be seen in a courageously frothy excess, as seen here in the Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 campaign:
Now, I might not be ready to go there just yet- give me a few degrees warmer to embrace the extreme silhouettes and dorky splendour ('cause it's still kinda cold up here), but I do love a nice seafoam green...

Joe Fresh blush blouse, J Crew jade cardigan, thrifted seafoam skirt and silk polkadot scarf, Aldo shoes
And just as a tease to the depths of my new found depravity, which will no doubt be revealed over the course of the spring, I am wearing purple skinny jeans RIGHT NOW!  What?!

Image 4554

Monday, April 9, 2012

a split decision...

Chartreuse shirtdress via Etsy, F21 teal feather pin, J Crew belt, teal tights, brown Indigo pumps
Happy Easter folks!  I just got home from a huge dinner with the family and my sister's in-laws, which means an array of too many foods- German spätzle and a smoked ham and potatoes and... I'm usually responsible for the desserty stuffs, but since a birthday cake was already in play I was asked to bring a vegetable dish, preferably of the carrot sort.  So I looked up a few recipes online and discovered this delicious dijon glazed variant.  It was a hit and I will definitely be making it again- even the kids ate it all up!

I, uh, realized at the end of the night that the side seam of my dress had split by several inches! These are certainly the perils of wearing vintage, since threads tend to disintegrate with age (and why I always carry a spool of thread and a couple of pins in my purse)- though there is also some distant possibility that a dessert of carrot cake, and cheesecake, and cinnamon buns and lime cookies may have played some part... (that bodice does seem to be, er,  pulling, but I swear it's just the button-holes are too big- must add some snaps!)
I couldn't resist some sort of baking too, since that's the fun part, so I looked up what kind of lime cookies I could make for a light and refreshing sweetness.  I love the internet!  I would never cook otherwise- I can look up dishes based on the ingredients I have, convert measurements AND ensure that my old jar of Dijon mustard won't just kill us all! These Soft Iced Lime cookies were perfect bite-sized melt-in-your-mouth morsels.  Delicious. 

How often do you find yourself checking whether that jar of *insert condiment here* is still good by googling results (and then getting sidetracked in the ridiculous discussion and grammatical arguments that these topics seems to inspire)?