Monday, April 30, 2012

a little birthday haul...

ah...I love that experience of yielding to temptation.  It's like a confluence of happy happenings in which it is suddenly right to buy something...uh, yeah. I think I have a lot of those moments!  I have pretty much left most of my spring wishlist to wither away- none of the dresses, even when they went on sale!  However I was pretty happy to allow myself the thrill of buying a couple of much-desired pieces with my March birthday discount at Anthropologie.  I mean, the way it worked out was really just a convenient gateway, since pretty much everything subsequently went on sale or received second cuts!  Not that I'm complaining!
Anthropologie baubled fan pullover and corded dots pencil skirt
I love these pieces so much- unfortunately I haven't gotten any outfit shots to show you! I get home at this awkward time when it's too cold to take photos outdoors but the light is too bright to take backlit photos in the hall (this picture was insanely yellow!) 

anthro birthday haul

I particularly loved wearing the polka dot blouse with a blazer- it's adorable and well worth my heavily desiring it for so long!

raindrops and sunshine

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