Monday, April 9, 2012

a split decision...

Chartreuse shirtdress via Etsy, F21 teal feather pin, J Crew belt, teal tights, brown Indigo pumps
Happy Easter folks!  I just got home from a huge dinner with the family and my sister's in-laws, which means an array of too many foods- German spätzle and a smoked ham and potatoes and... I'm usually responsible for the desserty stuffs, but since a birthday cake was already in play I was asked to bring a vegetable dish, preferably of the carrot sort.  So I looked up a few recipes online and discovered this delicious dijon glazed variant.  It was a hit and I will definitely be making it again- even the kids ate it all up!

I, uh, realized at the end of the night that the side seam of my dress had split by several inches! These are certainly the perils of wearing vintage, since threads tend to disintegrate with age (and why I always carry a spool of thread and a couple of pins in my purse)- though there is also some distant possibility that a dessert of carrot cake, and cheesecake, and cinnamon buns and lime cookies may have played some part... (that bodice does seem to be, er,  pulling, but I swear it's just the button-holes are too big- must add some snaps!)
I couldn't resist some sort of baking too, since that's the fun part, so I looked up what kind of lime cookies I could make for a light and refreshing sweetness.  I love the internet!  I would never cook otherwise- I can look up dishes based on the ingredients I have, convert measurements AND ensure that my old jar of Dijon mustard won't just kill us all! These Soft Iced Lime cookies were perfect bite-sized melt-in-your-mouth morsels.  Delicious. 

How often do you find yourself checking whether that jar of *insert condiment here* is still good by googling results (and then getting sidetracked in the ridiculous discussion and grammatical arguments that these topics seems to inspire)?

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