Sunday, April 15, 2012

impossipurple! unphotographable!

Here I am, surrounding myself with purple.  That colour I distinctly recall telling someone 2 months ago that I just didn't feel any affinity for, stuck somewhere between blue and red (2 colours I definitely have little affinity for...)  I knew at the time it was probably one of those statements that would immediately become untrue.  And so it did, as I surround myself in electric blues and soft lavenders.  I blame J. Crew.  I feel I can always blame my colour fixations on them, with good reason and inspired fervour!

Here I am, in my electric purple skinny jeans.  I blame Molly for these actually, since there is no way I would have considered them until seeing her fabulous AG lavenders.  Suddenly they seemed like just the thing that would complete my spring colour transformation.  I had a credit to use at Forever 21, so I figured I would see what kind of denim I could try my luck on.  There was one pair of these left online, and so I crossed my fingers and placed an order.  These are great- still stretchy, but thicker denim than most of the F21 offerings (therefore more forgiving!) and the colour is a fantastic shade of soft yet vivid purple that eludes the camera's encoding eye.  I love the colour alongside khaki/olive green, and discovered just now how cute these are with a dark rust cardigan too!
Vintage brown checked shirt, F21 distressed denim, urban decay
somebody needs a all became rather unruly quite quickly...

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