Thursday, July 26, 2012

neon neutron dance

Okay, so there's not much dancing going on around here with these continuous heat waves.  Well, maybe on Wednesday nights when I'm glued to So You Think You Can Dance...  But whenever I think of the word neon, I can't help getting a little nostalgic flashback to the Pointer Sister's Neutron Dance (a song embedded in my psyche at an impressionable age from the gazillion times my sister and I watched Beverly Hills Cop!)  And when I think of neon, this "citron" pencil skirt always comes to mind, 'cause dang it's bright. Only the competing brilliance of the setting sun ablaze can match it!

Anthropologie Wrap Around blouse, J Crew Burnt Twig cardigan and Citron pencil skirt
But it's a neat shade of lemon-lime that seems to go with everything, even ochres.  Thank-you yellow, you rock my world. um, and that goes for dotty-and-dashed blouses with large floppy bows too!  This has been a tough summer so far and I am so thankful that a couple of weeks vacation loom in the near future!

woowee- look at them shoulder pads!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

green is in the details...

I guess I haven't been posting much lately, which is silly since I have actually been making more effort to get pictures outside (you know, while I'm still in that sweet 'long days of summer' phase, before winter forces me back into the fluorescently-lit hallways!) Anyway, this week's VIP was definitely the Wooden Pennant necklace, which arrived on Monday (via a store send, since bizarrely it was unavailable to ship outside the states- I guess because of the wood?).  It has made itself the key detail of 3 outfits already!  I sure hope there isn't some weird societal angst about re-wearing the same jewellery...'cause I wouldn't care anyway.  It's so hot outside that anything heavier feels oppressive, and the cheery colour and shape just seem to work well with, surprise, a green-lovin' wardrobe!

Anthropologie Wooden Pennant necklace and Pointilist Pond blouse, J Crew Liquid Silk skirt, Hush Puppies wedges
While out and about we found some beautiful colour moments too- love those long summer sunsets!

A few months ago, through the magic of the EA trade board, I was able to finally get my hands on the gorgeous silk Tessera dress that I missed out on last spring. It makes a lovely light dress for summer, and while the nigh-boho print is somewhat different, the structure of the dress and detailing makes it feel totally like a 'me' piece.

Anthropologie Tessera dress and Wooden Pennant necklace, J Crew Jackie cardigan, Hush Puppies wedges

And then, well, yesterday I was heading out for some errands and just needed a little something to finish off the look...definitely all in the details!
Saturday afternoon wanderings and readings

Saturday, July 14, 2012

crème de menthe....

Gap asymmetrical drape dress in varsity green, vintage lace blouse, hush puppies wedges
Whew- it has been so hot the last few days!  Yesterday the only option was this thin drapey layer of a dress.  Though the fabric itself is light and comfortable, I swear it was the minty fresh green that actually helped keep the heat at bay.  In fact, I noticed quite a few people yesterday with the same spearmint strategy! I added my old favorite vintage lace blouse to dress it up for work and actually made it through the day pretty easily!  An ice-cold glass of rosée in the evening helped too...though I should have tried a mojito!

I picked up a couple of bargains during Anthropologie`s extra sale promotion last week.  I`m happy to report that the Changing Stripes dress fits beautifully and is another addition to my favorite 'Marvelous Maeve' collection.  It's the only piece that has arrived so far, thanks to backordered popbacks being shipped separately, though all are confirmed to ship! I was pretty happy to score some of the beauties for $15- anyone else with some super sale finds to report?

anthropologie July sale haul!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

picket fences!

Anthropologie Pezza dress, DIY necklace, Jackie cardigan
Y'all know my favorite colours are green and orange, and when you get to put them together can anything be better?  Just a quick OOTD with my bestie Pezza dress and a new necklace.

There's a bead store near my house that carries mostly coloured stone strands- they're beautiful but far too heavy for the most part.  I have bowed to the allure  too many times and then literally bowed under the strain of wearing them!  Recently they started selling a line of painted wood pieces which are both wonderful and supremely inexpensive.  They have a variety of shapes and colours, and I loved these irregular-shaped shards.   It's the kind of stuff you see at Anthropologie and think, "Gee, I could totally make that!" and so you could, but the time involved in cutting and painting seems like time better spent on more elaborate crafting projects, or uh, shopping.  These should be quick and easy, like the light and fun feel of the design. This I CAN make.  It took about 10 minutes to decide on a layout, string 'em up, and rig a suitably improvised clasp.

Ahem.  I also just bought the below piece when it went on sale at Anthropologie last week.  It's green...and lovely...and don't you just love picket fences?
Anthropologie Wooden Pennant necklace