Sunday, July 8, 2012

picket fences!

Anthropologie Pezza dress, DIY necklace, Jackie cardigan
Y'all know my favorite colours are green and orange, and when you get to put them together can anything be better?  Just a quick OOTD with my bestie Pezza dress and a new necklace.

There's a bead store near my house that carries mostly coloured stone strands- they're beautiful but far too heavy for the most part.  I have bowed to the allure  too many times and then literally bowed under the strain of wearing them!  Recently they started selling a line of painted wood pieces which are both wonderful and supremely inexpensive.  They have a variety of shapes and colours, and I loved these irregular-shaped shards.   It's the kind of stuff you see at Anthropologie and think, "Gee, I could totally make that!" and so you could, but the time involved in cutting and painting seems like time better spent on more elaborate crafting projects, or uh, shopping.  These should be quick and easy, like the light and fun feel of the design. This I CAN make.  It took about 10 minutes to decide on a layout, string 'em up, and rig a suitably improvised clasp.

Ahem.  I also just bought the below piece when it went on sale at Anthropologie last week.  It's green...and lovely...and don't you just love picket fences?
Anthropologie Wooden Pennant necklace

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