Wednesday, March 30, 2011

scouting colour, part II

Anthropologie En Plein Air dress
current want. yep, there it is, a vintage-inspired dress of watercolour blooms, in all of my favourite colours. love.  Some reviewers don't like the extra length...I hope that means it will make it to sale (which would make it just 'normal' priced!)

Monday, March 28, 2011

scouting colour...

Oh, I do so love bright orange in the springtime.  It may not feel like spring outside, since it's all windy and frosty, and feels colder somehow than the middle of winter, but I'm starting to feel ready for colour and lighter fabrics and embracing all the lovely images I've seen in the magazines, damnit!

I pulled out my trusty field scout skirt today- I'm still playing with some of the colours that came up while testing a palette for Molly's colour-inspiration post last week here and here.

 I was inspired by the subscriber cover for Harper's Bazaar, with these gorgeous tones of pink and orange and mint contrasted contrasty cuddly fur of ol' Ailuropoda melanoleuca (which apparently translates as 'black and white bear'.  I guess it's descriptive anyway)
Harpers Bazaar, March 2011

An array of clothing that fits the palette
 I still only own one mint top- the hunt continues, though I think it's actually more sage I'm craving!
Anthropologie Precious Materials cardigan and Field Scout skirt, mint blouse, Camper Ariadna oxfords
 I liked the way this dress channels the flowing soft qualities of the one in the picture, but then I utterly failed to throw in any other colours...
Anthropologie Precious Materials cardigan, vintage 30's rust dress, Camper Ariadna oxfords
Today I pulled out the skirt again, for a basic pairing with the delicate details of a white blouse (and a touch of mint- I"m still working on how to get a hint of yellow in there!  heh...besides my straw hair...)  I love the possibilities of this skirt- and I'm glad there's an array of other orange skirts coming out these days to see other potential combinations.  Check out Amy's awesome mix with yellow (hm...) and I spied quite a few gorgeous oranges in the weekly update chez Kim
Anthropologie Florid Facade blouse and Field Scout skirt, Modern Vintage boots

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

contemporarian librarian (in love)

I first saw this dress, unnamed and unloved, in January when the lovely Lisa tried it on with a bunch of other gorgeous dresses.  Even in a blurry photo (actually, I love this photo and I find it so evocative of mystery...)I could tell from the sketchy checks and unusual earth-tone palette that it could be for me...I stalked it until it finally appeared on the Anthropologie site, and it just got more and more beautiful to me.  I loved the wide-shouldered look, and fitted waist, and simple drape to the skirt, the decorative back looked like it might be troublesome but it was a nice detail.  I waited as more reviews rolled in, but it still wasn't clear what size I should take (I can't make returns, so things better fit first time around!)

When the dress abruptly sold out online a few weeks ago, I panicked and called a store to have one shipped (size 2- the safe size!)(Pennsylvania- no sales tax- good to know!). I just received it today with the second part of my package from Shannon, and it is absolutely, absolutely perfect.  No tailoring required anywhere, no regrets.  sigh.  love.

heh...didn't even bother steaming out the wrinkles before photographing it...

Monday, March 21, 2011

doves and cockatoos...

It's  a weird time of year- I'm less likely to want to wear my heavier winter clothing, but then we just got a mega dumping of beautiful christmas-sy snow outside.  This morning I compromised on soft, spring-y dove greys and lavenders (with a little teal for contrast) but my heart is yearning for bright, funky florals.  I think I just need to mix the two more, so I can get in the textures and colours of spring (soft draping blouses, pastels, vibrant brights and florals) while still working through my wool pencil skirts and cardigans.

I treated myself to this blouse a few weeks ago- I love the soft grey-lavender tone, and the gorgeous little peter pan collar.  I really don't have anything like it in my repertoire, and I think it has a lot of 30's era potential with longer draping skirts too, or for dramatic contrast with bright colours (orange, I'm talking to you...).
Gap Peter Pan collar blouse
Gap Peter Pan blouse, J Crew Dove Grey pencil skirt, Whistles lavender cardigan (via Beacon's Closet), teal Chie Mihara's
I was also pretty excited to come home and find some of my birthday purchases had arrived already (thanks for your incredible help Shannon!)  I am thrilled with Tibi's Cockatoo Kaleidoscope skirt that started out at Anthropologie in the $200+ range, and was eventually marked down so I could get it for under $60 with my discount.  The fabric is thick and substantial, it has pockets and a well-tailored waistband.  It's short, but not ridiculously so.  The colours are rich and bright...Love!

(it's no longer listed online, but sizes 6-12 are still in stock.  I'd say it fits true to size, item #013302)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

sunshine shoes

Apparently, today is the first day of spring, so soon-ish we can stop covering up in tights and boots and start letting those toes out for some sunshine.

Since this is all very much still in the dream stage (though at least I was able to trot out in my sneakers today) here are some dreamy yellow shoes to er...dream about!

Ahem, evil shoe advocate that I am, I seem to have already procured for myself a pair of sunny vintage sandals for a mere $14 on ebay back in January.  heh.  sorry about that.  really.
Vintage Papagallo yellow leather sandals

Thursday, March 17, 2011

wearing o'green...

I'm not a huge  fan of St. Patrick's day- in these parts it just means downtown sounds and smells like some particularly nasty bar experience for several days.  I still don't understand why so many families come out for the parade, when the streets smell like beer and puke and cigarettes. ugh...It's the beer tourists that make it so distasteful (lower drinking age, oh yeah...)

That being said, I will never shy away from any and all opportunities to revel in green! Um, maybe I should just try some absinthe, hey?
Vintage Swedish blouse, thrifted Gap denim skirt, Chie Mihara Absinthe heels
this packaging is so lovely and simple!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

play misty for me...

So folks, inspired by the nigh-above zero temperature outside (and some increasingly snug pencil skirts) I rolled off the couch tonight and out for a run.  It was that kind of perfect experience that reminds you how great it can feel (the next will probably be one of those lead-footed, wooden leg experiences in contrast!).  I usually go quite late, around 9:30 or 10- that's usually when I have my second (or first) wind of the day.  Fortunately I live on the cusp of a ritzy, beautiful neighbourhood where the only crime risk would be of the white collar variety, and I think I'm safe from any rampaging stockbrokers in my taped-up sneakers, mis-matched gloves and 4-year old ipod nano!

Said ipod, bitter at lying unused for countless months, is suddenly giving me the 'white screen of death'- it still works but I can't see the menus.  However this was one of those great runs, where the shuffle just gives you exactly what you didn't know you needed!

Outside was dark and foggy, with a slight misty rain that only began once I was warmed up and ready for it.  From vintage De la Soul, through spaghetti western and Detroit soul, I was totally mellow until I hit the bottom of big hill #1, when Arcade Fire's Funeral was enough to carry me up with a smile on my face!  Another string of meditative pieces from Feist and some Japanese movie themes carried me up the long, long incline of hill #2 at which point I was totally going to walk for a bit.  Except the ipod, in its wisdom, knew it was time for its favourite- I had to laugh when Billy Idol's Mony Mony started!  so I kept running- my ipod adores Billy Idol.  On any given shuffle sequence at least 2 of the 4 songs in my collection will play (out of 1000 or so songs...) and then it was just a pleasant mix of Interpol, Metric and Pet Shop Boys until I got home.  sigh- let's hope there are more of these to come!

Listening to Ryuichi Sakamoto's heart-breakingly beautiful theme for Miyazaki's Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind just makes me hurt for Japan- the beauty and destructive force of nature is such a powerful presence in all Miyazaki's films, alongside an ever-present fear of human technology and its dangers.  But then, that's been a theme in japanese film since 1945- from Godzilla to Kurosawa's Dreams (holy f**ing s**t- I'd forgotten about the whole nuclear disaster sequence...)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

hard-working shirtdresses!

Vintage Black striped shirtdress, J Crew Traversa cardigan, UO belt, Indigo booties
Jess recently ran a few posts asking people to nominate some of their hardest-working garments for a little blog-love.  One of my standby's for the last few years have been classic cotton 50's shirtdresses, once found on ebay for a song, sometimes with tags still attached, but a bit more of a challenge since the arrival of the Mad Men era!

This simple black shirtdress is such an unassuming, quietly-striped number that I guess it hasn't ever been featured on this blog.  However it's such an easy standby that when I travel it's often a first choice for its versatility.  Last year I traveled to Frankfurt and Venice for 2 weeks with only carry-on to get me through (2 dresses, a pair of cords, a skirt, 2 t-shirts and a cardigan, plus a smattering of coloured scarves) and so this baby was a perfect selection- able to dress up or down, neither too light or heavy.  

I was cracking up while going through the vacation photos- it actually just looks like my BF was stalking me through my favourite city from a safe distance (when I really wish he would have just asked me to straighten my scarf)!! 

We really do have several pictures with us together in this gloriously beautiful city!  I think my dream job is to drop everything and be a chauffeur in Venice (motor boats chugging slowly through the canals, my own secret garden off the water...sigh...)

Friday, March 11, 2011

short week!

What a strange week- I was only at work for 2 days (after working 27 hours of overtime last week) but man does it ever feel like they were long days anyway!  Maybe because I haven't a hope of catching up for, I don't know, a month or so?!  I ended up staying late tonight anyway...

I was inspired by the EBEW folks to continue polka-dotting through the week.  Yesterday, I finally paired the ruffled plaid with polka dots and I loved it!
Gap ruffled-plaid blouse, Anthropologie Peppered and Striped skirt, H&M maroon tights, black Indigo boots
Then today, keeping with the dots, I went for some all-out colour, to distract from the misery that is the rainy, slushy outside world (why does ma nature always follow a generous heap of snow with rain, rain, rain, thus ensuring that where it ain't slick and iced over there shall be foot-deep puddles?
Anthropologie Button-Back blouse, J Crew 'neon olive' cardigan and Nightfall pencil skirt, Chie Mihara teal bow shoes
The rainy, slushy world must mean it`s my birthday week,  yup... I don't know if the sun ever shines on March 9, but for slush lovers it`s a bonanza!  And come to think of it, maybe my over-consumption of birthday Froot Loops (a tradition going way, way back) may have had some influence on the polka-dotting and bright colours!  Time to top-up my supply- the week isn`t over yet!!

Speaking of which, I caved to the allure of my first B-Day discount card from Anthro and cleared out my wishlist with a few colourful, spring-y popbacks :
Roses in the Rain shirt, Cockatoo Kaleidoscope skirt, Amhara skirt

Monday, March 7, 2011

catching up!

I finally have a few days off after a mad couple of overworked weeks.  In the meantime, I don't think I've documented one outfit- they've either been repeats of old favourites or nothing worth showing!  I realised though that the ol' peppered and striped skirt never actual made an official debut here, so here is an outfit set I loved from way back in January.  I should be thinking of spring and pushing this skirt to the back of the closet now, but we got more snow yesterday so I guess, looking on the bright side, I have a few more opportunities to try it with different options!

I find it goes with quite a range of colours and tops, as have other bloggers, but for it's first outing I stayed pretty simple with a navy polka dot J Crew sweater.  I love the way the dots interact- like a night sky, with the amber glow of street lights against the stars.
Navy J Crew Jackie cardigan, thrifted J Crew navy polka dot sweater, Anthropologie Peppered and Striped skirt, Grey Camper heels.
 And a few more options I haven't tried yet- I'm especially excited to try it with the ruffly plaid!


peppered by thatdamngreendress on

I was so excited to discover the everybody everywear site awhile back, but then I kept missing their posting deadlines (and I'm still not quite sure how the posting is supposed to work, but we're in there now with so many other lovely polka-dotted ladies!
Polka Dots | Everybody, Everywear

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

ersatz anthropologie- horsey dresses!

Navy Banana Republic Ruffle cardigan (I love this!), vintage horse dress, purple tights, Chie Mihara bow oxfords
In the mornings, sometimes it's just a matter of sticking your hand in the closet and wearing whatever comes out!  That's not entirely true, of course, but it is pretty close to the method!  Recently, I realized I hadn't worn this dress in a little while, and I liked the idea of wearing a lighter colour in winter.

I love prints, especially repeating whimsical prints (albeit usually in simpler forms). When I saw this horse dress auction a few years ago on ebay, I was pretty thrilled to pick it up for $10 or so.  I think I've worn this year round, so it's remarkably versatile!

I call it my Muybridge dress, since it reminds me of the classic photographer's galloping horse series. 
Eadweard Muybridge
courtesy of wikipedia
Muybridge is known for his locomotion tracking photographs of animals and humans, and he famously proved with this series that while galloping all 4 hooves will leave the ground.  If only I'd known to study his work while obsessively drawing the same 3/4 profile horsey face for years in junior high (I became proficient with that one illustrative device but betrayed my ignorance when asked to draw a horse from any other angle!)

This dress also saved me from being truly heartbroken at missing out on a certain Andalusian Horse dress, that I realize I only loved for the pattern! The lesson for me, an ongoing one, is that I may desire something I see online but if I already own something similar a decision is going to have to be made!  Fortunately, my vintage selection has helped me out of a few dilemma's recently.  I think I may have a few more ersatz anthro items in the closet...
Anthropologie Andalusian Horse Dress
 oh, but it is cute- I love the girliness with the dark pattern!