Tuesday, May 29, 2012


While I always thought capes were pretty awesome, and have been known to twirl around in 'em in private, eye them inquisitively on etsy, and envy those with the chutzpah to pull them off, I felt like they required more natural attitude than I have.  Seeing the easy way the Reykjavikers carry these swirly layers made me rethink the phenomenon.  However, given the cost of vintage in those parts (a vintage cape goes for about $140), my newfound inclination towards the dramatic was gonna have to wait!


Fortunately (and rather unusually) I happened across this lovely 1950s-era nubby wool number on a Value Village run the week I returned.  Oh, and it was their 50% off day, so the cape came to a mere $3.50!  Flush with my success (drunk on power?) I also ended up trying on an attractive pumpkin piece.  ahem.  


Yes, well.  Moving on...So I don't think this green checked dress has ever made it onto the blog, but it pretty much satisfies all my requirements for an easy summer vintage.  It has great details- little brass buttons, flap pockets, and a touch of chevron in the skirt. Dresses are so easy!!  I love summer!


Sunday, May 27, 2012

style-stalking Reykjavik...

I am no street-style photographer, that is for sure!  The results of my stalking of Reykjavik are blurry, and by-and-large taken from a safe distance BEHIND the subject as they walked away from me.  However these still make for nice memories and a useful cataloguing of the elements of icelandic style.

This post could alternatively be titled something like "Bright tights, small city" because it was a deliciously colourful array of legs.  It's definitely my kind of town- lots of mustards and bright earth tones, mixed with several over-layers of plaids and prints.


The  outerwear trend that was most striking was the CAPES, oh the capes!  It's like beautiful, dramatic and elegantly patterned layers wherever you go.  Delicious! These people certainly have a way of working the oversized coat, and it's neat to see how elements of traditional icelandic dress might inform contemporary fashion.  I saw many shawls as well- turns out they make great scarves too!

And when it gets warm in the very bright sun, you simply drape that cape over one arm and continue on your way...
The other thing that got me was the hairstyles.  Everyone seems to have either a great dramatically angular bob (often bleached blonde) or a coronet of braids encircling their head.  So jealous! We joked about all getting platinum bobs before leaving...I do need a haircut... 

The woman painting the shop below had a fabulous example of the cut but resisted my subtle attempts to capture it! 

I had prepared for my arrival by locating a classic lopi sweater in advance (thrifted, for $5) since I'd read that it wasn't just a tourist thing, but indeed are worn by the stylish lads and ladies of Reykjavik, sometimes in funky ironic colours.  The babies are particularly adorable in their woolly headgear and matching nordic sweaters.  Alas, despite my no-doubt suspicious efforts, I never caught any of them at their best.

 So, in summation, I think I could see myself living amongst these folk, and perhaps I might even improve my photographic skills enough to become the sartorialist of Reykjavik. I won't rest until everyone is in capes and we can spend our endlessly sunny days drinking coffee together in the outdoor chill.  It's a dream.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

a little classic long weekend...

Anthropologie Reed shirtdress, J Crew Camille wedges, thrifted belt
Summer is here, so suddenly, and I couldn't be happier!  This past weekend was sunny and warm and deliriously bright.  The sort of intense sunshine where you can barely keep your eyes open, the  very weight of it seeming to mute the sounds of the city.  

Even better- it was a loooong weekend (happy birthday Queen Victoria!)  So I had several relaxed days and vague outings in which to bring out a few classic cotton summer dresses.  I cannot express how happy I am to jam those thick winter tights into a bin for the next several months, and how refreshing it is to just pull on one floaty layer and go! Here's to many more months of this before we start lusting after rusty fall plaids and clunky boots (who am I kidding- I have several summery rusts to get us through the coming season...)
Anthropologie Southward Stop Shirtdress, Clarks sandals, Urban art
Anthropologie Flight of the Bees dress, J Crew Camille wedges

Friday, May 18, 2012

on iceland time...

Oh my.  The problem with traveling to dreamy and unbelievably fantastic places is that eventually we must come home.  Obviously home also means our loved peoples and real life, but it's heartening to reflect on how to make a little bit of that wonder continue into the everyday.  Uh, especially after returning immediately to a work week with a couple of 12 hour days and my first experience of pointlessly extreme jet lag!

So, Iceland was the most beautiful, wondrous experience- the landscape is literally ever-changing and stunningly otherworldly.  I have, like, 2000 photos to sift through from my week (plus those of my sisters and mom!)  not to mention videos and memories. I have even been dreaming about it every night since returning.  I'm totally overwhelmed by it all,  but firmly believe that I need to wrap my head around it to cobble together a few posts for me and for you!

Uh, I have no idea what comes next: clumsily style-stalking the caped ladies of Reykjavik?  Days and days of melted and moss-grown lava landscapes, rimmed by snow-covered peaks.  Adorable new-born lambs and shaggy pompadoured icelandic ponies.  Rugged natural thermal baths hidden in the mountains, and their sleek spa counterparts.  Oh right, and waterfalls and geysers and glaciers and black sand beaches and elves...

A taste of a couple of moments...