Sunday, May 27, 2012

style-stalking Reykjavik...

I am no street-style photographer, that is for sure!  The results of my stalking of Reykjavik are blurry, and by-and-large taken from a safe distance BEHIND the subject as they walked away from me.  However these still make for nice memories and a useful cataloguing of the elements of icelandic style.

This post could alternatively be titled something like "Bright tights, small city" because it was a deliciously colourful array of legs.  It's definitely my kind of town- lots of mustards and bright earth tones, mixed with several over-layers of plaids and prints.


The  outerwear trend that was most striking was the CAPES, oh the capes!  It's like beautiful, dramatic and elegantly patterned layers wherever you go.  Delicious! These people certainly have a way of working the oversized coat, and it's neat to see how elements of traditional icelandic dress might inform contemporary fashion.  I saw many shawls as well- turns out they make great scarves too!

And when it gets warm in the very bright sun, you simply drape that cape over one arm and continue on your way...
The other thing that got me was the hairstyles.  Everyone seems to have either a great dramatically angular bob (often bleached blonde) or a coronet of braids encircling their head.  So jealous! We joked about all getting platinum bobs before leaving...I do need a haircut... 

The woman painting the shop below had a fabulous example of the cut but resisted my subtle attempts to capture it! 

I had prepared for my arrival by locating a classic lopi sweater in advance (thrifted, for $5) since I'd read that it wasn't just a tourist thing, but indeed are worn by the stylish lads and ladies of Reykjavik, sometimes in funky ironic colours.  The babies are particularly adorable in their woolly headgear and matching nordic sweaters.  Alas, despite my no-doubt suspicious efforts, I never caught any of them at their best.

 So, in summation, I think I could see myself living amongst these folk, and perhaps I might even improve my photographic skills enough to become the sartorialist of Reykjavik. I won't rest until everyone is in capes and we can spend our endlessly sunny days drinking coffee together in the outdoor chill.  It's a dream.

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