Sunday, March 31, 2013

pre-easter pastels (and more)...

Leading up to Easter we had the usual odd mix of snow and warm weather- though this is also when it feels most like the start of spring.  I do find it hard to let go of winter colours, while simultaneously finding them oddly off (why does the colour rust suddenly feel so wrong?!)  So I've been easing into some spring-y pastels, of the most muted sort.  (...leading up to some long weekend fun!)
thrifted lavender cashmere cardigan and green skirt, Anthropologie Trace the Stars blouse
Not that that stops me from pulling for the comfort of rusty earthen tones at work... 

Anthropologie Lace lines tee, F21 skirt, Ash booties
and again for a recent weekend tea party:

Anthropologie Swiss Dots dress, Joe Fresh amber necklace, J Crew cardigan

Happy long weekend!  May it be full of sunshine and melting snows!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

the one that didn't get away...

Anthropologie Osona collar, J Crew schoolboy blazer and silk skirt, distractingly bright tights, thrifted boots
Osona collar, by Ranna Gill
So I haven't dared to wear this in any more overt way yet, but one of the most stunning items in Anthropologie's stunning October 2012 catalogue was this jewelled collar by Ranna Gill. To get things started, I've tried to wear it more subtly to get used to the look.  Man, I love blazers- they let you wear anything, giving this a sort of quiet, sparkly professor feel. Necklaces seem to be the hardest things to catch on sale at Anthropologie- often by the time the price goes down, these things have disappeared, never to be seen again.  Perhaps I am sensitive because the first ever thing I desired from Anthropologie was this Ursula necklace by Lee Angel, way back in 2006.  It took me a couple of days to round up an address I could ship to in the US and by then it was gone forever. D'oh!

ultimate sadness

For this beauty, I watched as the stock online dwindled to nothing, hoping I could wait long enough to use my birthday discount in March.  Nope.  That sucker was gone by early February, so I trundled off to my local store where I knew they had one, having pulled it out occasionally for display.  Fortunately I had a bunch of online returns so no actual monies exchanged hands!  This piece is so beautiful and colourful, with a lovely floral fabric on the underside and a soft weight. I look forward to displaying it front and center with a few other things once I'm comfortable with the statement-iness of it.  I see it working well with these recent dresses:

Ranna Gill was already on my radar from previous fabulous necklace designs, mixing textiles and colour like the Ocean Tubes necklace from last summer:

And coincidentally, a recent outfit with this piece, copying my childhood ballet teacher and her stunning array of pastel wrap sweaters (probably the one thing I took away from Miss Curry's class, sadly):

Jackie cardigan, Joe Fresh striped tee, F21 skirt, Aldo pumps
Now if only I could get my hands on this one that also got away...

Ranna Gill Navala necklace

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Kate Spade Violetta dress, Jackie cardigan, Chie Mihara Genio
We all have a mental list (or pinterest purgatory) of the dresses that got away, that you pine over endlessly, sighing whenever they appear online (I blame pinterest, again!). Thankfully, these days you can also just sit back and wait for ebay to inform you some morning that one in your size has just been listed!  It may have taken two years, and many temptations ("oh, it's way too big, but maybe I could just take it in..."), but I finally caught myself this Kate Spade Violetta dress, in my size and new with tags!  It's just as beautiful as I imagined- crisp silk pleats, cute 'lil collar and wavy hand-painted stripes. 

I kept half singing the name in my head to the tune of Alouette...which apparently I never questioned the actual meaning of, some poor little lark punished for waking people too early, threatened with  plucking, one body part at a time.  I learned it phonetically as a child, and so never quite consciously understood the context.  Now I feel the sinister threat in the sweet song... poor birdie, your little feathery head is safe, nothing can wake me in the mornings!

J Crew cashmere striped Tippi, UO cords, assorted shirts, Aldo ankle boots
While actively avoiding shades of green this weekend, I stuck with violet and other cool colours for a brunch outing.  Because I am decadent (see above for waking hours), that means 'Brunch at Three'.  And because I am super decadent, that means cashmere stripes. I love this sweater- it is super soft and feels luxurious.  I was also super happy to force an opportunity to take photos outside in the daytime, however chilly.  And now this first week of spring, we just got another mega snowstorm. sigh.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

50 shades of...greenish!

Whew... I spent much of February pulling out the stops with a range of mixed greens.  I think that's just a natural outcome of realizing I now buy one of everything in green these days, and that it's functionally impossible to wear bright green anytime during the month of March without some yahoo  yelling something about St. Patrick's Day.  Sigh.  A viridian lovin' gal's least favourite day of the year!

Anyway, what with me being sick of the sickly yellow of my hallway and taking pictures at the end of the day when I'm all tired and befrazzled, I had quite a buildup of green outfits and substandard photography.  So without further ado...bring on the green.  'Cause you won't see much of it from me this week (bring on the navy!)

Anthro Precious Materials cardigan, J Crew Vivid Jade pencil skirt, lace tee, Chie Mihara oxfords
J Crew cashmere cardigan and Viridian pencil skirt, Anthro Pleated Cowl turtleneck

Anthropologie Jacquard Dot sweater skirt, J Crew Tiered Dot tank and Eden cardigan

Anthropologie Tulipa skirt, vintage lace shell, J Crew schoolboy blazer
Vintage paisley dress, Topshop bib necklace, J Crew cardigan, Madewell chartreuse tights
Whew.  Lotsa greens.  I hope ya don't mind- I guess it's my thing :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

dustbowl designs...

I am such a fangirl- albeit a lazy one.  I hopped on the Harry Potter train around book 4, finally grudgingly read the Game of Thrones books after the TV series started, and then just got around to watching Hunger Games last weekend!  No, I haven't read the books yet, but I enjoyed the setting and art direction of the movie- from the wan dustbowl environment of District 12 to the dystopic Oz of Emerald/Capitol city.  I'm hoping the books aren't quite as simplistic (I mean, seriously, Katniss NEVER had to make any difficult decisions, and wasn't particularly strategic...)

New vintage print dress via Etsy
Anyway, I totally failed to only see District 12 as emblematic of the deep suffering of the thirties dustbowl and depression, and instead swooned over the limpid soft and faded dresses and artfully disheveled hair. 


Okay, so my hair is disheveled anyway, but now I'll just take that as artistic license (seriously- I think I may need to go short again- I hardly ever make the effort to wear it down...and only about 20 seconds putting it up...)

So the dress may be 50's, but the print is rather reminiscent of those flour-sack prints! Love this brown and turquoise mix...
The highlight for me was the perfect simplicity of Katniss' Reaping dress.  I'm looking at some vintage patterns and dresses on Etsy (that I hope to share later this week) but I thought it was funny that one can experience this true simplicity at a luxury price, as Calvin Klein has made a Katniss-inspired dress for some $5,000!

Sigh.  So while I'm looking for the perfect vintage pattern and dreaming of soft silky 30's dresses, I may as well throw it out there that I so want one of these too. I could totally make her a pretty dust bowl dress...! (I will also put it out there that I just had a birthday, and should most definitely not be thinking of Barbie dolls, though to be fair, we do share a birthday!)

Katniss Barbie= Kickass Barbie!

Monday, March 4, 2013

black and white and read...

Anthropologie Achroma Layered blazer, vintage 60s dress
I love a good vintage optical print, and I also love a good trompe l'oeil... I'm trying to balance my vintage and new purchases, which is usually pretty easy when you're talking about Anthropologie.  This trickster blazer caught my eye months ago, but I almost forgot about it until it magically turned up in the sale room during one of my regular 'visitations' a couple of weeks ago.  It meshes perfectly with 60s shift dresses, and even works for those denim days when I just can't be bothered...

I had to run a series of readings on the weekend and this was a great comfortable outfit so I wasn't distracted from the stress of public speaking...though I had to explain the blazer a couple of times :) The bonus is that in exchange I was off today- I love having a weekend day while everyone else is hard at work!