Thursday, March 21, 2013


Kate Spade Violetta dress, Jackie cardigan, Chie Mihara Genio
We all have a mental list (or pinterest purgatory) of the dresses that got away, that you pine over endlessly, sighing whenever they appear online (I blame pinterest, again!). Thankfully, these days you can also just sit back and wait for ebay to inform you some morning that one in your size has just been listed!  It may have taken two years, and many temptations ("oh, it's way too big, but maybe I could just take it in..."), but I finally caught myself this Kate Spade Violetta dress, in my size and new with tags!  It's just as beautiful as I imagined- crisp silk pleats, cute 'lil collar and wavy hand-painted stripes. 

I kept half singing the name in my head to the tune of Alouette...which apparently I never questioned the actual meaning of, some poor little lark punished for waking people too early, threatened with  plucking, one body part at a time.  I learned it phonetically as a child, and so never quite consciously understood the context.  Now I feel the sinister threat in the sweet song... poor birdie, your little feathery head is safe, nothing can wake me in the mornings!

J Crew cashmere striped Tippi, UO cords, assorted shirts, Aldo ankle boots
While actively avoiding shades of green this weekend, I stuck with violet and other cool colours for a brunch outing.  Because I am decadent (see above for waking hours), that means 'Brunch at Three'.  And because I am super decadent, that means cashmere stripes. I love this sweater- it is super soft and feels luxurious.  I was also super happy to force an opportunity to take photos outside in the daytime, however chilly.  And now this first week of spring, we just got another mega snowstorm. sigh.

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