Monday, March 11, 2013

dustbowl designs...

I am such a fangirl- albeit a lazy one.  I hopped on the Harry Potter train around book 4, finally grudgingly read the Game of Thrones books after the TV series started, and then just got around to watching Hunger Games last weekend!  No, I haven't read the books yet, but I enjoyed the setting and art direction of the movie- from the wan dustbowl environment of District 12 to the dystopic Oz of Emerald/Capitol city.  I'm hoping the books aren't quite as simplistic (I mean, seriously, Katniss NEVER had to make any difficult decisions, and wasn't particularly strategic...)

New vintage print dress via Etsy
Anyway, I totally failed to only see District 12 as emblematic of the deep suffering of the thirties dustbowl and depression, and instead swooned over the limpid soft and faded dresses and artfully disheveled hair. 


Okay, so my hair is disheveled anyway, but now I'll just take that as artistic license (seriously- I think I may need to go short again- I hardly ever make the effort to wear it down...and only about 20 seconds putting it up...)

So the dress may be 50's, but the print is rather reminiscent of those flour-sack prints! Love this brown and turquoise mix...
The highlight for me was the perfect simplicity of Katniss' Reaping dress.  I'm looking at some vintage patterns and dresses on Etsy (that I hope to share later this week) but I thought it was funny that one can experience this true simplicity at a luxury price, as Calvin Klein has made a Katniss-inspired dress for some $5,000!

Sigh.  So while I'm looking for the perfect vintage pattern and dreaming of soft silky 30's dresses, I may as well throw it out there that I so want one of these too. I could totally make her a pretty dust bowl dress...! (I will also put it out there that I just had a birthday, and should most definitely not be thinking of Barbie dolls, though to be fair, we do share a birthday!)

Katniss Barbie= Kickass Barbie!

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