Monday, March 4, 2013

black and white and read...

Anthropologie Achroma Layered blazer, vintage 60s dress
I love a good vintage optical print, and I also love a good trompe l'oeil... I'm trying to balance my vintage and new purchases, which is usually pretty easy when you're talking about Anthropologie.  This trickster blazer caught my eye months ago, but I almost forgot about it until it magically turned up in the sale room during one of my regular 'visitations' a couple of weeks ago.  It meshes perfectly with 60s shift dresses, and even works for those denim days when I just can't be bothered...

I had to run a series of readings on the weekend and this was a great comfortable outfit so I wasn't distracted from the stress of public speaking...though I had to explain the blazer a couple of times :) The bonus is that in exchange I was off today- I love having a weekend day while everyone else is hard at work!

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