Thursday, February 28, 2013


Chie Mihara Genio
 You must forgive me...I'm still a little shocked at how easily heretofore unworn by me colours like berry and fuchsia and purple have infiltrated my life.  My absolute favourite colour for tights this winter is rich raspberry, and it turns out to coordinate quite nicely with a recent acquisition, these brown Chie Mihara oxfords with chic black piping!

Anthropologie Beribboned Rings skirt, Quinby Intarsia cardigan, Uniqlo tights
 I have found that when a beautiful article of clothing isn't quite a colour you adore (I may be a tad obsessive about colour...), you can fake it by surrounding with similar tones that are more to your liking.  I adore the shapes, and textures, and pompoms of this cardigan, but have trouble styling the dull blues and reds.  Surrounded by bright berry and warm burgundy, suddenly those don't bother me so much! J'adore!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

In the folds...

Anthropologie Oxidized Medallions dress
 Ah,  the Oscars.  My habitual Sunday night couch-warming attains a hint of class with a pouffy dress instead of jammies and a delicate teacup to replace my generous mug. 

Unfortunately I'm a wee bit bored with the minimalist colour and shapes of the red carpet gowns these days.  Come on gals, where's the effort?  Where's the creativity?  Remember when Carey Mulligan wore the Prada dress with cutlery all over it? Glorious.  Anne Hathaway's pale pink sheath is very dull- and I feel like I've seen all the other champagne and frothy dresses before.  sigh.  Okay, I'll give my girl-crush Jennifer Lawrence props for the sculptural form of her skirt but it's still dull after the drama of her stunning Golden Globes dress!

However, I've been somewhat lazy myself.  Lately whenever I need something that feels comfortable and looks somewhat together, I throw on this grid Deletta dress with the architectural folds of the Amala cardigan.  Like so...

Anthropologie Wavering grid dress (by Deletta), Amala cardigan (by Field Flower), wooden necklace by me

This cardigan looks amazing belted- I sorta suffered from reverse sale goggles at first and kept wondering if I just bought it because it was $15.  But now I have learned to love it- it has these marvelous folds all around that fall in lovely ways.  And of course this dress is one of my favourites ever! The blues are definitely beginning to infiltrate my wardrobe- I allowed in navy last spring, and oh dear, I think I'm starting to even appreciate pale blues...more to come on that!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013!

Whit Fall 2013
I suppose one of the benefits of Fall fashion shows running way back in February is that you're still mostly in the realm of winter wear, with plenty of options to hand! When I saw this beautiful orange and green option flash through Calivintage's NYFW feed I knew I wanted to try and evoke it right away! This pumpkin shift has been the foundation of a few inspirations lately- I hope to get back on the wagon with posting soon (darnit, and I started out so well through January too...)!!

thrifted green silk bow blouse and pumpkin shift
I've been pretty busy with work and haven't been keeping up with things (like blogging and blog reading!) and I mostly missed all the NYFW fun (which is usually a very busy pinterest time for me!).  There is one other RTW inspiration I'd like to try and pull out right away though, this splendid chunky lime and black print mixing. Yum! I have no idea what elements to use, but I love it!

J Crew Fall 2013

Sunday, February 10, 2013

radical neutrals! (and another green dress...)

The beauty of building a closetful of sometimes similarly toned items means you can throw them all on at the same time, right? Pattern-play love. Now I just need to sell myself on making this gorgeous cardigan play with colours too!
Vintage knit dress, Anthropologie Lace-Framed cardigan and Geo sweater tights and Chie Mihara oxfords
I can't say I've been very inventive in dressing these days- this must be the coldest, snowiest winter in some time, so a lot of those all-season pieces I'd like to be wearing are just waiting for warmer days.  Sigh.  Gotta stop looking at sweaterdresses...though I did get to try on this lovely cuddly piece I've been eyeing for ages:

Lousa shift by Ganni

Or rather, I spent several months desiring THIS dress on the site, but couldn't buy it since they don't ship overseas.  Now it seems they're finally offering it in these parts, in a slightly longer cut, which is probably for the better, though seemingly less a-line unfortunately.

Verdant dress by Ganni, from
My store only got the blue version, so I have to try and imagine the awesomeness potential of a rich green. It's a very thick textured ponte knit, with long sleeves and an exposed back zip.  I'm not positive it's the most flattering cut on me, but it was super comfortable and I have a feeling the fibres might relax  into a more drapey silhouette after a couple of wears. This is an XS and normally with knits I go with a S, but it was huge.

It's a very nice cornflower blue if you like that sort of thing :)
or even better in 'green'!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Boden inspiration

Do you ever get the feeling an article of clothing is stalking you?  Like, suddenly you start seeing it everywhere you go, peeking out from behind windows, brushing against your elbow in crowded settings, and sidling up to you as you flip through magazines...  This spring it seems to be this mint cotton sweater, in variations of cabling and open knit. This super adorable picture of a Boden designer was the last straw.  Well, actually I already succumbed last week when I found a reasonable and inexpensive cotton variant at Winners for 20 bucks...try and tempt me, will you? Ha!

Boden stitch jumper
Anthropologie Stitched Medley Sweater

Old Navy Honeycomb knit
J Crew collection cashmere mini cable
Topshop cable knit jumper
See by Chloe pullover

Gap chunky pullover

I may not be ready to go sock-free just yet, but I think there's some inspiration to be drawn from this lovely, simple styling! Now if only those cute lil' polka-dot blouses would stop following me around...

Sarsaparilla mint cable-knit sweater, UO cords, Boutique 9 loafers
What's been stalking you so far this spring? Mint and polka-dots?  I knew it!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hi There! a review...

Hey there. I was of course intrigued by the print of this classic silhouetted dress from the new Karen Walker line at Anthropologie.  The fact that it's called the "Architectural Shift" clinched my interest.  So I was pretty pleased to see it in my local store and I thought I should post some review information since there isn't much info online!

I'm usually a pretty safe size 2 at Anthropologie, and that goes for this as well.  I tried a 4 too, since the waist looked quite small.  The 2 fit perfectly- perhaps a mite snugly- but the 4 had a lot of extra fabric in the bodice (I'm 33-26-38, the Golden Mean, right?) At 5"4, this fell exactly at knee length.

The Good?  The print is great, the polyester weave is nice (I'm very picky about poly! It's thin but has a nice 'hand') and the cut is very well proportioned.

The Bad? The bodice is lined in very cheap fabric and the skirt is not lined at all.  I know this is an attempt to offer Karen Walker designs at a more affordable price, but I can't accept this lack of craftsmanship and tailoring.  The skirt really requires a lining. I have been surprised by some nice dresses at Forever 21 with well-constructed linings in the $30-$40 range.  There's no excuse for a  $160-$190 dress to cheap out on such essential elements. Especially when also compared with the beautiful lace-hemmed linings Anthropologie dresses are known for, even at lower price-points.

The even worse? The belt included with the dress is so awful that I think they should actually throw them out, as they actively detract from the value and beauty of the dress.  It's made of very thick, heavy plastic, with rough edges that catch and snag on the fabric. I have a lot of cheap belts from Forever 21 that I enjoy for colour and detail, and they never cost more than $5-$6 at full price. This belt is very cheap and poorly conceived for the materials.

My verdict- a very pretty dress, but for me the high Canadian price and cheap details means waiting at least for sale pricing.  I would much prefer to find a similar print in silk, and I'm fairly certain that's not a difficult proposition!