Thursday, February 28, 2013


Chie Mihara Genio
 You must forgive me...I'm still a little shocked at how easily heretofore unworn by me colours like berry and fuchsia and purple have infiltrated my life.  My absolute favourite colour for tights this winter is rich raspberry, and it turns out to coordinate quite nicely with a recent acquisition, these brown Chie Mihara oxfords with chic black piping!

Anthropologie Beribboned Rings skirt, Quinby Intarsia cardigan, Uniqlo tights
 I have found that when a beautiful article of clothing isn't quite a colour you adore (I may be a tad obsessive about colour...), you can fake it by surrounding with similar tones that are more to your liking.  I adore the shapes, and textures, and pompoms of this cardigan, but have trouble styling the dull blues and reds.  Surrounded by bright berry and warm burgundy, suddenly those don't bother me so much! J'adore!

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