Wednesday, February 20, 2013!

Whit Fall 2013
I suppose one of the benefits of Fall fashion shows running way back in February is that you're still mostly in the realm of winter wear, with plenty of options to hand! When I saw this beautiful orange and green option flash through Calivintage's NYFW feed I knew I wanted to try and evoke it right away! This pumpkin shift has been the foundation of a few inspirations lately- I hope to get back on the wagon with posting soon (darnit, and I started out so well through January too...)!!

thrifted green silk bow blouse and pumpkin shift
I've been pretty busy with work and haven't been keeping up with things (like blogging and blog reading!) and I mostly missed all the NYFW fun (which is usually a very busy pinterest time for me!).  There is one other RTW inspiration I'd like to try and pull out right away though, this splendid chunky lime and black print mixing. Yum! I have no idea what elements to use, but I love it!

J Crew Fall 2013

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