Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Boden inspiration

Do you ever get the feeling an article of clothing is stalking you?  Like, suddenly you start seeing it everywhere you go, peeking out from behind windows, brushing against your elbow in crowded settings, and sidling up to you as you flip through magazines...  This spring it seems to be this mint cotton sweater, in variations of cabling and open knit. This super adorable picture of a Boden designer was the last straw.  Well, actually I already succumbed last week when I found a reasonable and inexpensive cotton variant at Winners for 20 bucks...try and tempt me, will you? Ha!

Boden stitch jumper
Anthropologie Stitched Medley Sweater

Old Navy Honeycomb knit
J Crew collection cashmere mini cable
Topshop cable knit jumper
See by Chloe pullover

Gap chunky pullover

I may not be ready to go sock-free just yet, but I think there's some inspiration to be drawn from this lovely, simple styling! Now if only those cute lil' polka-dot blouses would stop following me around...

Sarsaparilla mint cable-knit sweater, UO cords, Boutique 9 loafers
What's been stalking you so far this spring? Mint and polka-dots?  I knew it!

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