Sunday, February 24, 2013

In the folds...

Anthropologie Oxidized Medallions dress
 Ah,  the Oscars.  My habitual Sunday night couch-warming attains a hint of class with a pouffy dress instead of jammies and a delicate teacup to replace my generous mug. 

Unfortunately I'm a wee bit bored with the minimalist colour and shapes of the red carpet gowns these days.  Come on gals, where's the effort?  Where's the creativity?  Remember when Carey Mulligan wore the Prada dress with cutlery all over it? Glorious.  Anne Hathaway's pale pink sheath is very dull- and I feel like I've seen all the other champagne and frothy dresses before.  sigh.  Okay, I'll give my girl-crush Jennifer Lawrence props for the sculptural form of her skirt but it's still dull after the drama of her stunning Golden Globes dress!

However, I've been somewhat lazy myself.  Lately whenever I need something that feels comfortable and looks somewhat together, I throw on this grid Deletta dress with the architectural folds of the Amala cardigan.  Like so...

Anthropologie Wavering grid dress (by Deletta), Amala cardigan (by Field Flower), wooden necklace by me

This cardigan looks amazing belted- I sorta suffered from reverse sale goggles at first and kept wondering if I just bought it because it was $15.  But now I have learned to love it- it has these marvelous folds all around that fall in lovely ways.  And of course this dress is one of my favourites ever! The blues are definitely beginning to infiltrate my wardrobe- I allowed in navy last spring, and oh dear, I think I'm starting to even appreciate pale blues...more to come on that!

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