Friday, February 25, 2011


This is most definitely NOT a current OOTD, as we just received another light dusting of snow outside.  However it might set me up for some inspirations come spring, especially as I continue to explore long-skirtitude.  The adorably witty JG posted this challenge as a new style feature last week, to create an outfit of inspired by Tara's sunny photo, comprised of items already in your closet.

I simply had to take on the challenge since I had a few items in my closet that I've had trouble incorporating into my wardrobe.

vintage chairs skirt via Dethrose Vintage, leaf green (lime greeney) henley, rust silk scarf from Urban Outfitters
Clarks Erda sandals

I have a weakness for typologies, so a skirt full of different chair illustrations?  Sold!  Though it's harder to work than anticipated, I am convinced I can find some ways to wear it come spring that don't scream 'frumpy!'  
It works quite well as a shorter skirt, of course:
J Crew Jackie burnt cinnamon cardigan, Gap oatmeal henley with rust tank top.
I am fully obsessed with finding pale minty-green drapey t-shirts all of a sudden, which just don't seem to exist right now.  Any leads?  At least the rust is, and I've spied some gorgeous off-brown tones at Zara too this season! 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dressing globally!

Vintage green wool shift, UO braided belt, blue tights, Chie Mihara 'Absinthe' shoes
I don't know why it hasn't been featured in an OOTD post here yet, but this is one of my very favourite green dresses!  I bought this nubby wool 60's shift on ebay a few years back- the green looked sort of bland in the seller's photo, but it was cheap and I liked the texture of the fabric.  Imagine my delight when it arrived and it was the most perfect shade of intense, alive, mossy green!!  In fact, it is exactly the shade of THE green dress, no?
J Crew nutmeg Traversa cardigan
Thursday was supposed to be quite warm, but as recently as Tuesday it was -20 (!) so I needed a sweater to get me through the day.  I grabbed my ruffly rust sweater since it worked with the belt and off I went.  I had this weird feeling all day that there was something familiar about it the colours- I mean, something elemental, but a little too familiar, too close. Then I realized I was kinda a globe!  Ahem.

Um, and if you're still hating me for recently stumbling into my ownership/caretaker/loving relationship with Chie Mihara's Absinthe heels from 2008, well...I guess it's that time of year when shoes are on sale and we must acquire when we must...don't read on!

I was admiring a co-worker's brown mary-janes and she said she'd found them on super reduction recently, that it was a japanese designer working for a spanish shoe company she hadn't heard of before...I jumped at the mention of my beloved...then she said what she paid for them and fortunately it was the end of the day 'cause I ran over to check out the last-call sale selection at Ogilvey's!

These babies are teal blue, with bright royal blue laces, and kinda represent a summerier version of the bow-tied oxfords I bought at Christmas (that I have worn every single day since!)  At 70 % off I couldn't say no, could I?  No sirree!  Besides I've been dutifully making my own lunch instead of eating out everyday this month.  That must count for something!
Chie Mihara Livia Fall/Winter 2011 (in Ocean blue)

Friday, February 18, 2011

frilly polka dots, and some crazy Crew sizing (sigh)

So here's today's outfit- since the winter weather broke today before resuming normal frosty temps tomorrow, I went for something lighter and fun.  I love this polka dot cardigan, and definitely don't wear it enough.  Here I'm wearing it with a frilly silk blouse I found in a lucky sale at UO this fall- I bought it in black as well and it's the perfect underlayer with a cardigan.  Throw in a Mimetic skirt and off you go to enjoy some spring weather (amidst 3 feet of snow).  I love the soft ivory colour of the silk with the grey and white dots!
J Crew polka dot cardigan, UO silk blouse, Anthropologie Mimetic skirt, teal tights, grey Camper shoes
On the other hand, I was so looking forward to receiving my J Crew order today.  I've been holding off on making many purchases this month, but when I saw the 20% off knits and free shipping last week I knew it was time to cave and get myself the striped button-back t-shirt for spring.  My autumn ochre fixation has mellowed to a pumpkin orange for spring, and this 'English saddle' colour looked perfect. I read some reviews (most helpfully chez Gigi of course) so confidently ordered the XXS knowing it would likely still be a loose fit.
***update- I thought I'd measured it as 17 inches lain flat, which is only slightly bigger than the listed measurement of 15 3/4 inches.  Turns out I suck at math and it's 19 inches across!!!  Writing to J Crew...***

Loose is right!  It fits me like a large medium!!  What a 'charming' cut!  I am seriously holding this out loosely here.  Well, a warning anyway-  I can't really return it, so into the dryer it goes and then a little visit to the sewing machine. 
(the rest of my order was the perfect fit striped boatneck in navy (perfect fit in XS), bright cinnamon Jackie (perfect fit in XXS) and a pink ruffled henley for 14.99 (the XXS is even a little snug!)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

back in business...

I haven't felt like my outfits have been particularly inspired lately, or else I was too tired when I got home to take a photo.  Which is a shame, since I think I've gotten so used to the process that now it feels like a waste not to document it!

Here's what I wore out to our Valentines dinner on Sunday night-I've been dressing in a few more neutrals lately, and thought it was a nice occasion to trot out my Rodarte for Target 'lace pattern' dress from last spring.  I think the cardigan is still too big and shapeless- I must try felting it again!  A collar or scarf would have been a good idea I think.
Rodarte for Target dress, Gap cardigan, vintage belt, vintage heart locket, rust Hue tights, Camper booties
 I'm not usually much of a heart motif gal, but while searching for some other brass findings on etsy I came across these for $3 each and had to have them.  You can find more through this seller and others!

and if these look at all familiar to you, well I noticed this on the Anthropologie site just a week or so later (now sold out):
Oh right, and for my actual Valentine's day outfit, well, it's extremely unfestive but the feller liked it very much so that's all that counts!  I got to come home from work early thanks to a dentist appointment (how often are dentists involved in promoting romance?  not much I'd say!) so we had a nice long afternoon and evening to hang out together!

I haven't worn the Mary dress much yet, but I learned from Anthroflux that it works nicely for layering with patterns.  Thanks- I've worn it with a navy blue floral blouse now as well!

Anthropologie Mary dress, J Crew Drapey stripe baseball shirt, Water Row boots

Monday, February 14, 2011

At last!

I wanted to try something a little different to pick a winner for this first giveaway, and since my kitty loves rolled up tissue paper more than anything (well, not quite as much as a dripping tap of water...but just a tiny bit more than rolled-up socks) I thought I should let him choose our winner!

I rolled up some Anthropologie wrapping paper and wrote a number on each one (both cats were EXTREMELY interested in this process, and I had to sacrifice some red paper to 'the clawed one' who goes a bit insane around tissue), then laid them out randomly in a row on the coffee table, called Ghibli into the room and he went to work immediately.  (Yes, some cats come when they're called.  It's quite charming!)

At first he started batting them all around, but then he picked one up in his mouth and ran off with it.  After a suitable amount of play, I retrieved it to find...lucky number 7!

So Miss Goldenmeans aka Anjali is the winner of the first giveaway! I'll send you an email for your sending preferences...

I'm afraid these tissue paper balls are going to be turning up under everything for the next little while!
sleeping it off...the aftermath!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

green shoes!


I'm still here!  This week completely kicked my ass- I feel like I'm a day behind (or more) at all times.  Even my dressing has been pretty uninspired this week, which is usually unaffected by crazed levels of crippling stress!  Sometimes even motivated by it...

Gah.  But look at these lovely classic green Chie Mihara 'Absinthe' heels that came in the mail... I feel so much better now!!  Happy feet, indeed.

I'm somewhat of a compulsive modifier, so vintage dressing is good for that.  There's always something to fix!  This dress was quite big on top, and boxy, but I hand-washed it from the waist up in super hot water, thereby felting the fabric and shrinking it by a size.  I find this works pretty well!  I use it quite a bit on sweaters- you can always stretch and shape the material as it dries!

I'll announce the winner of the first ever damn green dress contest tomorrow!
vintage wool peter pan collar dress, Chie Mihara 'Absinthe' heels, courtesy of the Effortless Anthropologie trade forum/ time machine

Saturday, February 5, 2011

memories of summer

I can't complain too much about the weather- it's hasn't been blisteringly cold (much) and we only caught some squalls associated with Snowmaggedon 2011, but I'm having a hard time right now.  It seems like the gentle breezes and warm sunshine are so far away now.  It's hard to recall those blissful moments of forgetfulness, lying on a patch of warm grass, eyes closed to the brightness of the sky.  In winter, the bright sunlight just means it's going to be COLD out there!

I found these pictures on the computer recently and must not have posted them- they embody a perfect urban Sunday this past August, when we ambled out the door in early afternoon for 'all-day breakfast' at a local spot.  Pancakes and bacon and sausage and potatoes (with a smattering of fruit), oh my.

I'm still longing for a pair of clogs (and bemoaning the Hasbeens that went to the only other responder on the Laws of General Economy site- why does that always seem to happen?) but I found a pair at Value Village in PEI this summer brand new for $5 so they'll do for now!  However I see that Hasbeens is doing a collaboration with H&M this spring...

Remember when the sun is too bright to keep your eyes open?  Sigh...only 3 months or so to go...
Old Navy chambray dress and cropped cardigan, Coach satchel (Dear Golden Vintage), Dollarama leather belt (!), thrifted London Underground clogs

Action shot!  I do leave the house!
Don't forget to enter my Damn Green Dress giveaway!  I'll draw a name tomorrow at random to win a piece of handmade by me silver jewellery, copy of the movie Desk Set, and an awesome novel that won't change your life but might enrich it...!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

biggest nerd!

Yep, that's me.  I'm not even good at being a nerd.  I've been wearing glasses since I was ten, and have never even tried  contacts because I'm too lazy (I like to call it 'low maintenance,'  yes, that sounds better).  Sometime last week, I turned out the light and stumbled blindly toward the bed, tossing my glasses on the bookcase next to the bed as I went.  Or so I thought.  I haven't been able to find them ever since.  Where the hell did I put them?

Granted, devil-cat-who-hates-me used to push them into the wastebasket, but that's why there isn't a wastebasket in the bedroom anymore...I have no idea where they are, so I've been stuck with a pair I don't love so much. I hope they turn up soon...!

On the other hand, I've been feeling lots of love for my new blazer.  I'm not much of a mini-skirt gal the rest of the year, but I love wearing them in winter with thick tights and boots.  They make me feel less nerdy!
J Crew Donegal Schoolboy Blazer and rosewood Calista cami, thrifted wool mini, Ash booties