Sunday, November 30, 2014

fall back, fall floral


I made a late night run to the local depanneur/corner store the other night to pick up a can of cat food to tide us over until the morning. (Mr. Ghibli pretends to only like the dry kibble, but at 5 am will complain loudly and vigorously until some wet food is presented with sweet babe....) I scanned the magazine rack just to see if there was anything fun I could bring home and lo, there was an October edition of Vogue magazine, like a friendly blast from the past, from a warmer, more colourful autumn that seemed to go so quickly. Where did November go?  (and for that matter, October and September....) I take it as a sign that I can freely jump back to those days myself, and catch up with a few of the colours and prints that marked my own autumn, none of which made it yet to this public domain/wardrobe diary/catalogue of a hoarder.  Which is a shame, since fall is so beautiful and so full of my favourite colours! Rusts and oranges and florals... and leather jacketed layers.  There's something I love and always forget to share!  More love for coats!

And welcome back, Autumn!

Many of you celebrated your own Thanksgiving last week, so I will indulge in memories of pie and lakes and blazing orange leaves from way back in October.  sigh. 

Amish triple pie carrier in action!

Thanks Vogue-from-the-past!  I could get used to this (editor's note: get used to this)

Friday, November 14, 2014

wearable art...

Michelle Morin- Instagram
Before winter sets in, I guess I ought to try and catch up with the fall season. (newsflash- it snowed today!) But first, a touch of the painterly and a little ode to fall flowers inspired by some recent loves... I know you've been wondering- what DID that girl pick up with a surprise 25% discount at Anthropologie? I mean, if a green silk gown didn't make it into this hoarder's array, what did? I thought I'd stick with some pretties I can wear every day, because my everyday's are long these days.

Well, I'm entering my habitual 'obsession with plant life' phase that usually begins just about the time that all the leaves drop off the trees (seriously, it's all pretty and colourful  and then one day, fwoosh, you look out the window and the trees are grey and naked). I pretty much only wear florals in winter.


My local store had this hiding between layers of nondescript pullovers, a  beautiful and delicately painted nighttime garden scene from artist Michelle Morin (check out her website here.  I loved the pastel colours and soft linear shapes against a black background.  And there was just one, in my size.  It's the last-item-in-the-vending-machine rule...sold! Plus it goes with everything from a tweed skirt (below) to mustard or...stripes...

Flamingo garden pullover, vintage tweed skirt, Chie Mihara oxfords
I've decided to add some of her prints to my Christmas list- beautiful and affordable!  Voila one of my absolute favourites:

Michelle Morin Wild Roses print

The incomparable Lulie Wallace is also finally offering some of her floral prints for sale- I think it only happens once a year. I wish I had found her sooner- I like the vibrant colours and harder edges of some earlier pieces.  But this is still pretty lovely- I adore the shape of these petals against stripes and geometric patterning. Maybe one day I could afford one of her paintings.  You know, if I stopped buying wearable art!

Lulie Wallace, Flowers for Jane

So, what else did I bring home, in this line-and-colour inspired mood?  I couldn't ignore the siren song of this swingy, watercolour-toned stripey skirt.  And it's a good thing I found it, because I think they sold out instantly at my store! It goes with literally every colour (including a subtle silver stripe...) and has a beautiful sway and drape.

 Elspeth sweater skirt

I went pretty simple for the first trip out of the house, just a simple dark brown sweater and brown shoes.  But the skirt speaks for itself.  With a little swirl of blurred colour and line.

J Crew Tippi sweater, Elspeth sweater skirt, Chie Mihara oxfords

I'm dragging myself off the couch tomorrow to take in two art shows, a book fair, a craft fair, and then mashing up a big batch of guacamole for movie night with friends. Whew- 'tis the season! Have a great weekend!